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  1. Sorry John, I didn't make it and heard you had some roadies for me to check out. Next one for sure .... you can text me on (044 eight eight eight 4051) the written 8 is to stop the net bots from using my number for cold sales calls Cheers
  2. Hi Kate, sounds pretty normal, if it's your everyday commute then your still saving loads by riding even after a few big services. Changing the drivetrain is normal after a couple of years of daily riding. You may be able to save a few dollars by shopping around, commuter cycles are good! C
  3. pedros are also good, a bit better than Ice imho.
  4. Sorry to disappoint your score adrenalin Gunner haha! Nice to meet a Sydney dude, you blokes should come down south of the border more often Will come for a spin next time I'm up that way.....
  5. E.T's are inferior bikes to the KE-1's and the KZ series which are both full cromoly bikes, their collectability is purely a result of their perceived fame from the movie which indecently were all actually KZ-1's go figure!!!
  6. Pity you didn't put some decent wheels on it ....
  7. A few from the vault: better stop there.........
  8. They are gold!!!
  9. already tried it
  10. Prawns are definitely the go, sneak into his house when he isn't home and pin a small prawn head under his bed. After that carefully place a few well chosen maggots under his pillow and at least one more in each shoe that you can find. Then on the way out (if they have carpet) rip up a corner of carpet and drop a log there carefully replacing the carpet (of course the previous night you ordered big on the extra hot Curry Vindaloo) you may need to bring some carpet tacks and a hammer. Some people recommend ball sweat on toothbrushes but I'm in two minds about that one. Should be able to complete this mission in approximately 10 mins all going well.
  11. Kuwi Bravo KT loaded up!
  12. Not Kuwi........ can we have some close up snaps of the welds etc, carn show us the money shots coopipooh!