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  1. Plenty over here however bugger all people show up to things so most of us are over it.
  2. Bloody fantastic
  3. I better be there. I've booked a spot.
  4. Bye the way theirs still 2 x DB Turbos & a og blue Redline MXII that i haven't found yet. It's been 11 months since they were all stolen & today proves their's always hope.
  5. A big thanks to everyone involved. My phone was red hot when i got out of my truck & turned it on. Clayton dropped it off at my work. He paid $300 for it not knowing what they actually sell for.
  6. That's my bike. Now where is it? I've given the Police details before & they've done nothing.
  7. Take as many bikes as you want. 😊 No rules, no cost. I just found out it's Byfords round of the Super Series that day hence why they will be there at 7am. So personally i'd say 9 to 1 would be a good time. Whatever trophies they're handing out will be done at 12.30. I think a couple of club committee members are making that decision. This has nothing to do with me. I'm not involved in bmx at all anymore other than going to watch some racing now & then. Get onto it peoples.
  8. The Byford BMX Club are holding a Show & Shine + Swapmeet on Sunday 6th of September. At the moment the start time says 7am however i've asked if they can make the start time a bit later, 9am or 10am. Be great to see some old school bmx & dragsters on display.
  9. No
  10. Thanks to Reece who put up a wanted ad on Faceachebook I have the Torker back. The guy who had it was fine, no hassles & gave me the name & address of the person he got it from. His brothers future father in law! Known to be dodgy.
  11. Thanks Reece.
  12. Got the Prolinell back. It was being raced by a young kid at Southern Districts/Medina on Friday night. Parents denied any knowledge of it being stolen to the Police. We know they're involved. Police & their processes are a pain in the arse.
  13. Nothing. Cops are fu.... useless. They should of got the dog squad involved when he ran from the stolen car. No wonder people take the law into their own hands.
  14. I've been living with a mate this year. I figure one of his sons friends has a big mouth, associatives with falcing scum & opened up his mouth to the wrong person. Now do believe what i'm about to say. This scumbag knocked on the door yesterday claiming to know me, talked to one of the boys who let him into the house / back verandah to check out the bikes! This prick came back around midday with someone else in a hilux ute & took the bikes through the house whilst my stupid lazy c u next tuesday mate & his other son were still in bed! The son heard something & by the time he got up my bikes were in the ute, they heard him coming & took off. One ran the other drove. They chased the ute but lost it. Then a few hours later one of the boys mates calls him & says they just seen one of them. They went for a bo peep & this scum pulls up beside them not realising who it is. They chased him to Baldivis, he dumped the car & ran. The car was stolen earlier in the day from Mangles Bay Fishing Club. This is a targeted hit by junkies, not BMX people. They want to hope the Police get them before many of us do! At least we know what he looks like & have his finger prints. Fingers crossed & thanks for your support.