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  1. Nah Hence, us blood nuts stick together I'm sure i would get brotherhood prices hahah
  2. totally agree john Snakebelly on the back will make all the difference. Bottom Bracket is a Sealed YST. The collars are very similar to the original ones and the spindle is a much more suitable length. I had to hunt for the bearings to fit the BB shell as the YST comes with American bearing, ended up sourcing them from Japan there was 1mm difference in the thickness other than that a perfect fit.
  3. sweet looking Auburn mate, good spot for some pics as well
  4. Thought I would share a few pictures of the progression I have made. Much happier with these tyres than the Comp III .I want a Red snakebelly for the rear. Took a really long time to sort out the BB as I was not satisfied with the way the one I had fit. Not happy with the chain it will need to be switched out for something else. Anyway let me know what you think still a long away to go.
  5. pretty awesome, friggin massive
  6. Nice one mate
  7. Great morning guys. Thanks to those that went to the effort putting it on. Was unreal to catch up with a few blokes I hadn't seen in way to long, some bloody good deals to be had as well. It took alot of discipline not to come back with that CBR frame and another Auburn. Thanks again blokes look forward to the next one.
  8. I really need to start posting while drinking and not after
  9. Tom Cruise fu cked an old Cher
  10. You are a saint Raven
  11. Tim Tams Fridge or Cupboard ?
  12. Just a quick hello and good night guys I'm sure Hence is watching the big show enjoying a drink
  13. For me, no hole