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  1. Hi guys... The 24" Super hack is up and running....Ready for paint and the good parts.. What color to paint the hack? I'm going to keep the 24" Free Spirt frame it's original blue. I like it and it's original 1970's. The frame still needs a good clean. It will clean up nice. If I can get the sidehack chromed for under $300 I will go that way...I just have to find a chromer who can dip a sidehack frame... If it's not going to be chrome...What color shall I do?? Cast your -Allan
  2. Hey Pete.. I'm over in Carrington... I've got 4 hack outfits..Come on over and have a ride some day...I ride most week nights/arvo's with my son around town and we hit the skate parks sometimes too... -Allan
  3. Thanks guys... But I can't take the credit...My friend Rick is the man making the Hacks It was my idea for a 24" Hack. I just talked rick into making me The 24" sidehack...And it's turing out great!...Not to bad for the first try at the 24" I havent even rode this 24" hack yet and I'm allready planning my next 24" Sidehack outfit and it will a race only outfit. My old Free Spirt 24" wont like too many jumps I think?....I just used it beacuse it was there and too good not to use. Can you say 24" SE.Racing Quadangle with a Sidehack ?.... I will in a few weeks I hope. Now I just have to sell a few of my toys to pay for the 24" -Allan
  4. I'm also thinkng the bike stays blue the hack painted white..? -Allan
  5. New photo..Now for the floor and the good parts bolted on... Cool hun? Being that the sidehack is Cro/mo..The whole outfit is quite light. -Allan
  6. Gazzz..... I'm over in Carrington..Nice and close to everything and nice and flat too...The only hill near my house is the bridge on the way out of Carrington. Good for the sidehacks.....Sidehacks are no fun ridding up hills....But are a to blast going down hills.... -Allan
  7. If I can find the brackets for my roof rack :'( ..I'll have all 3 sidehacks down in sydney to show and ride. I don't think theres many 24" sidehacks out there. I'm 6'5" and I'm a bit tall for a 20" bike..but I do love riding the little 16" Hack -Allan
  8. Hey Guys... The 24" Super Hack is almost done. My original 1970's 24" Free spirt BMX cruiser with a custom made Chro/mo Sidehack. Just a bit more welding to do, Add the mud guard and floor and then put on all of the good old school parts I have been buying and hording up the last few months... What color to paint this beast? I'm thinking Fire Engine Red with a bit of sparkel in it...( Well I'm in the Fire Brigade.) Or the Blue on the 24" Free Spirt frame is nice too.... My 16" Baby Hack...This little thing is faster then my 20" sidehack My 20" Sidehack... My Friend who makes these great hacks will be taking order soon....We'll need your bike frame for custom orders...Give us a few days and we'll have a price for ya too..Probley around the $300+ for a Chro/mo 20" sidehack. But don't quote me yet... -Allan
  9. Thanks for the great work Jonny.... I wish I had time to read them all!!!! =Allan
  10. Hey guys... I raced BMX back in the good old USA durring the years 1979 to around 1986. I'm from Washington state but got to race in California,Oregon,Florida, Texas and NY state. I raced for my local bike shop "The Bike Factory".... Boy did they have some nice bikes and parts stocked in that little store back then. But I had my 3 months of I had the joy of being a factoy rider for 3 months in 1983 .... I got signed to SE. Racing after I won the Washington state 13yr old expert class and the 13-14 expert cruiser class that year...3 months into my 1 year contract...I'm riding my PK Ripper at my Aunts farm and a nice big horse decides to trample over me and breaking my left leg high on my thigh....This ment surgery, A metal rod in my leg and the joy of a body cast up to my chest for 3 months and even better.... A year away from BMX racing... The good news... I got 3 free frame sets that year.. 1 dark blue PK Ripper, 1 Dark blue Qaudangle..And I'm sorry to say..I don't remeber what cruiser frame set I got. I never did build the cruiser up and I think I sold the cruiser frame in the box in 1991 for $150... I never did get back to my all winnining ways after my broken leg...I still raced BMX till I was 17...Then Motorcycle racing took over, In the mid 90's Dad sold my old SE race bikes at a yard sale for about $100 each..Sorry to say but thats all the money you could get for a "older" BMX bike back then. I don't have much for photo's of my old school race days with me here in Australia, I will have to ask my mother in the states to send me some of my old BMX race photos. -Allan
  11. Hey Guys..I grew up in the States. ( Seattle area.) Is there any other Old school rider's from the states here... Seattle area??? If there is I would love to see some more photo's of my old home track. I did allot of racing there.. Any one got any photo's of our old BMX track in Bothell Washington from the late 70's early 80's? -Allan
  12. Hey Rev... The serial numberof this frame is 09910528, The top tube mesures 20" So what find? And whats the best parts to rebuild this beauty? Mild buget please... 8-) .Cranks hubs, wheels ect?...I think this ones good for a rebuild? Also whats the best method for getting the crap paint off? Getting it sand blasted? I also have some cool vintage star tuff's that someone painted black and I want them blasted back to there origianl colors..Whats the best method to clean vintage tuff's? Thanks guys.... -Allan
  13. WOW!!! I sure hit the jack pot with this Auburn find 8-) !!! I just had a look at some of the restored and original Auburns here and on ebay....Cool bikes and my frame will be good as new after fresh powder coat of paint and a polish of the alloy. I see on ebay these frame's go for some good $$$ $200-$400 USD.. Keep your eyes open for bikes at council sidewalk clean ups. I see bike's all the time but this time I stopped and had a look and found a sweet bike. Someone just gave this sweet ride a really bad paint job..... Also good eye's John..those are SE landing gear forks...I was looking at the frame so much I missed the forks all -Allan
  14. Ya Got to love the council curb side clean ups... Free bikes and parts...Found this riding the hack around the block. Thanks guys..Now to strip and clean this frame up and some new bolts to put it back together. -Allan
  15. Ok guys.. What brand is this frame? Cool bolt on rear chain stay. These photo's are how I found the bike. Theres a Mongoose rear mag wheel. Is this bike a Mid-school Mongoose? The frame will clean up nice....I might make a side hack out of it....Just for the odd Any one have one of these? -Allan