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  1. Easter Sunday. 1pm leaving Albion Hotel Wickham. Arrive earlier for pre ride refreshments.
  2. His location says Singo which to me is Singleton NSW.
  3. Who would have thought two Big Rippers at Newy at the same time.
  4. Great era for Cannondales.
  5. March 19th Sunday at the usual place and time. Even if raining come for a chat.
  6. That's Gold!
  7. Good to hear it's there. Funny thing my wife thinks I sold another bike when it got picked up so she's happy.
  8. Looks like side pull rear brake not V- brake like a lot of the others,
  9. I'm with you Lucien on seeing him riding it! Keep up the great work Tack.
  10. Come on Bricks get the FBI to find out the BMX company.
  11. Bricks, I heard this on the radio yesterday. He'd be better off welding Quickie frames and donating them.
  12. Was good to catch up with everyone.
  13. Lucien, totally agree with your first paragraph but I'm not on FB so can't comment on your remedy.
  14. That's Ronnie money. (If you remember him).
  15. I'd love to own it. I didn't see the price.