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  1. Forks might have been capped once?? open ended Quality parts all round...just wish I could work out what the frame is :@
  2. Picked this bike up a few years ago...anyone have any ideas what it might be?
  3. Doesn't seem to be a serial on it...not even the redline oval. Only thing I can make out is a 1.
  4. Hi guys, Picked this one up a few weeks ago. All original.... just added AME grips, blue tyres and brake cables.
  5. Sweet bikes!! Good Work!

  6. Hey, thanks. Into any oldschool bikes...especially gooses...i'd love a supergoose...wanted one since I was a kid!! Got an old SuperMax recently which I am about to start restoring...should be a good project (my first resto!). What bikes are you into?? Got any projects on the go?


  7. Bike was "Sold & serviced by Blackwood Cycle Centre, Eden Hills, S.A". They were an 'authorised Malvern Star Dealer'.
  8. No clues with the decals....think they are just all random stickers. Diamond back, shimano, stormer, fox etc. There is also the original bike shop sticker and another cool old sticker that says " IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE AS MUCH AS I VALUE MY BIKE DON'T MESS WITH IT". I reckon I have seen a similar frame before, but got no idea where!! Hey thanks for the tip on the seat gut...fixed now!
  9. Hi, I got this bike recently but have know idea what is is. It has a number 3 cut out of the gusset. The bike has gold shimano hubs and brakes but these may not be original. I can't seem to find a serial number anywhere...the only number i have found is engraved into the frame and looks like a bike identification number. Can't make out all of it, but looks like G.A 967191-9. (Seems to be only a police id thing they used to put on bikes). Can anybody help me work out what this bike is?