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  1. Pics tell the story.... 401 175mm new show chrome, no rewelds stainless bolts. pm for more info $800 posted OZ wide
  2. Also a track at Casino northern NSW. I see it every time I go to Grafton the inland way. Does anyone know if they still race there?
  3. My new retro ride. Can't wait to finsh and ride it.
  4. Mother's day falls on the 2nd. So how many guys are going to show up?
  5. Hey guys and Gals, Check out price of this pad. FOOK ME
  6. I am with KEG..I can't make the first 2 rounds . Up in Harvey Bay on the 2nd May and guys what the hell where you thinking of racing June long weekend with the Winternat and Wintersun on. So see ya in July
  7. Roy, I have #55 and race novice.
  8. I,m in Carima.. I was going to call Don @ oxley cycles tomorrow to see if he can bid for me.
  9. I have a US ebay account.. Anything you want I can help you out.. I'll bid for you and you pay for the item and ship it through Cal Image.
  10. Hey guys, I need someone to bid on a frame for me on ebay. The guy over in the UK has blocked me from bidding because I offered him $175 gbp for the frame and he said the I low balled him. I said fine I'll sit and wait a see what it goes for I might get it cheeper.. Now I have gone to place a bid and this Pomy w*nker has blocked me. His user name is subwax and item number Skyway Ta Xl frame current at $151.50 gbp
  11. I broke a set of these forks back in 83. Jumping in this creek jump at the back of the YMCA at Acacia Ridge.
  12. Craig.. The bike I was riding was a TA. Graphites,Powerlite bars,Shimano DX cranks and Skyway pedals. My TA.pdf My TA.pdf
  13. Hey Guys, Ring Shane and Cindy at California Image in Qld Californian Image: New Address Unit 8, 1 Business Drive, Narangba Queensland 4504 AUSTRALIA Phone new number here soon Shane's mobile 0414 373 217 You buy your item and get it posted to Californian Image c/o your name 16905 Cherie Place, Carson California 90746 USA Then they put into a container with a car and it arrives 6-8 weeks later. Never had any trouble yet. I get the tracking number from the seller in the US and I track it to Carson and then just wait.. At the moment I am wait on a Skyway Ta for The Don @ Oxley cycles and Skyway Ta forks and Graphites for myself as well chevy parts. I have been bring things in through Shane and Cindy now for 3yrs.
  14. Young and stupid No lots of speed, rail the berm high and dropping fast into..Gary JC did it like that and just followed him