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  1. reproduction redline freestyle forklifter number plate $65.00 posted Australia wide
  2. Oh Daisy Duck. Imagine those things wrapped around your pole haha .. Hey Nick, do you still have the hots for Frankenstein?
  3. Matt is a fvktard Xavier ..
  4. <----
  5. where's my brake cable ?
  6. who cares
  7. nice rig
  8. ^^ spoken like a true Greek
  9. What drugs are these flog bags on? $38.87 to ship a dirt skirt!
  10. Blue goes with pink doesn't it? Lol
  11. Has anyone found me a blue cable yet?
  12. Are they minty? Hahahahahahahaha
  13. No probs champ
  14. Would you sell the skate board on its own?
  15. Wanna buy some grips? Lol Seriously dude, who cares what others pay for parts? I'm not having a go at you, I'm just asking nicely. Everyone has there own limits. Some are higher than others. I wouldn't pay 300 for a brute either but I paid 4.5k for SST hubs 5 years ago. Then someone paid me $15,750.00 for my BIGTUBE as a complete. Different strokes for different blokes.