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  1. Yes mate there is always those. But for anyone who is keen or even a little bit interested there is a 'National Come Try Day' coming up next month. Great opportunity for you and the kids to give it a go. Grab your 1977 - 2015 bmx bike and head off down to your local track and have a crack.
  2. This topic comes up every year with the same argument for and against with the same results every time.
  3. There was was more mentions of "these things not growing on trees" than people hating on your thread. You seems to have more to say about it than anyone else. Great you sold a frame.
  4. Ebay crack heads are now on here by the looks
  5. Loving all the retro bikes
  6. Great early example. NIce mate. Where did you pick up the f/f set?
  7. looks good
  8. But we live in a world now where nothing negative can be said. It's all rainbows and butterflies. People have been on the defence of subjects that were never under attack.
  9. Still proud to wear the JMC jersey 30 years later.
  10. Great thread.
  11. The pre 86 rule isnt to blame.. Blame your peers for not entering. Same with lots of old school events or race meets that have been organised. I know of people entered that didnt even own an old school bike. I remember not to long ago it was going to be a demo class at the Aussies and everyone had plenty to say about that. Offered as a class this year and we now know the result of that.. This will be my last retro meet I'll do.I personally hope the whole retro/old school race scene gets canned after this. People in this hobby/sport dont deserve it.
  12. Anything over 24" and you've lost me. btw if someone pays $7.5k I will personally come to your house [on a freinds 26" Quicky] and beat you up. Good luck to whom ever wants it.
  13. ^^ Great work Darren. Wont be there for the last 2 rounds.. sorry guys. But enjoy and take it easy Xmas is close by.
  14. Nah just the hobby in general. And that is no way a dig at the seller.If they make them Id sell them too.