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  1. Sweet looking build mate!
  2. Top build Daz, a fitting tribute!
  3. Here's my type 2, great thread guys.
  4. Hehe, fair enough mate, looks mad still, I was just surprised that you went with 12's, but that explains it. Love seeing some of the components you use, like the taskforce stem, cool as!
  5. Very nice HH monkian, but what's with the 1200's? I'd bet my life that you have higher end tange forks floating round in your man cave!
  6. That's perfect mate! Well done.
  7. Great to see most of you guys back, fooking funny thread, but my head hurts now!
  8. Dibs a pair of pedal caps moose, Cheers mate!
  9. Looks a little like haro's 'coral' colour?
  10. Great work as usual Moose, will donate at Hursty mate!
  11. Good luck with the build mate, yep, those are an OG pad set!
  12. Hey simon, look at my post, I have a black tange clamp for ya!
  13. Sure! Looks great mate!
  14. This is an all time favourite! Love the colour!
  15. Shinz, you're a crack up! Hahaha!