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  1. holy moly! what a beast. congrats on the bike and the house Rod.
  2. a couple of close up shots of my trick star
  3. you're on
  4. Which seat is that mate?
  5. That's mine Rod... happy to let it go she is NOS
  6. ooooh... that chainwheel!
  7. beautiful build Enz!! I'm thinking of offloading some bikes but I will never get rid of my hazzard rl20ii
  8. nice one Rod.... looking forward to progress
  9. The best seat IMO and this one is in particularly good condition... it will be paired with this to build a turquoise '85 rl20ii more to come....
  10. what a beast! I love it
  11. been all over the world and Australia on mines as a supplier of technology. Some of the most remote areas of the world. Not sure I would like to spend big long stints on them though. A few days is enough.
  12. my favourite wheel set by far!
  13. nice trickstar looking forward to progress
  14. yeah FROFF can't be shy when you've got Deebo as your avatar!!
  15. mate she's a beaut! I really like that seat... who did the paint/powder work?