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  1. wow cool looking bike also have not seen before but this is the 3rd one ive seen in the last week GLW sale
  2. Sweet Bike Bambi i have a black and gold 20" they are very cool bike that you dont see to often GLWS
  3. Wow that is a beauty GLWS
  4. Dibs as per pm
  5. If parted i would be interested in frame /forks and DB pedals
  6. Very nice if only it was white GLWS
  7. Wow that is a nice DB GLWS Awesome
  8. This horrible news. I did not know him personally but had had dealings with him over the year on the forum. A huge loss to all his family and friends RIP Mate
  9. Wow thats super nice that should go in bike of the month credit to you
  10. Wow thats a beauty nice stuff
  11. Ive ordered mine, Cant wait to get them the red ones look awesome also Nice work mark
  12. Nice
  13. Hey mark how long till these are avaliable
  14. Hey Mark do you have black with red hub @ this discount price
  15. What a beauty Very nice