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  1. Always drama with Quicksilvers. How come the Hotfoot guys never have these types of issues ?
  2. Beautiful dog there mate. Mine was my most loyal and best friend that I ever had until my mrs came along and the dog decided that she liked her more than me.
  3. Got to be later. All my bars have the rake on them, stamped, unstamped, johnny chopper replica. Looking at the 82-83 mongoose catalog the stainless bars don't seem to have the rake. Are they also 23" wide Rowan?
  4. Have a read of this. Should find what you're after. http://www.ozbmx.com.au/topic/5284-skyway-tuffs-rear-axle-assembly/
  5. That's not a freewheel its a cassette hub
  6. The comp III's from old school bmx store are really comfy, look after your rims and you can fly around on them.
  7. You have to be stoked with the way that came up. Top rebuild there
  8. Top stuff dudeThat looks heaps better. That thing is going to pop in the summer sun. Can't wait to see this finished.
  9. Yes they came in black at the end of their run. I have one and I asked Waza about it. He directed me to the 82-83 mongoose catalogue cover.
  10. 25th anniversary sticker makes it a 1999 model. Like Dizzy D said, go on BMX museum and have a look. I think that mongoose used that style frame for a number of their models.
  11. Top build there Pete. The OE tuffs are spot on for that era. Came up real nice. Who took the pics dude?
  12. Top news buddy
  13. Super cool. Good on ya Lucien
  14. http://gajitz.com/sober-cycling-bike-lock-wont-let-you-pedal-while-impaired/
  15. Check out "Blogging a dead horse" on the net, there might be some info on there. Next time I see my neighbour I'll check out his Malvern Star catalogue collection for some clues but it looks pretty complete.