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  1. Hi mate, Have sent pm's regarding grips. Are they still available?? If not, all good. Cheers Ads.
  2. Dibs the last 7 sets mate, PM sent.
  3. Your'e telling me mate. Sure is, nice stem by the way!!
  4. Also some mid school single pinch Flights.
  5. Also scored another Brackens frame.
  6. Just picked up an Auburn frameset.
  7. Brackens bars and padsets. Good luck finding those. Took me three years just to find a padset, I have the bars but they are almost impossible to find.
  8. Definitely a Kos Cruiser with those rear drops. The two four has two holes in the drop outs. I reckon the seat post is stuck though as there looks to be no seat clamp. Would make a great resto project.
  9. Rest in peace Ben. My condolences go out to Bens family in this hard time. See you on the other side mate.
  10. Well done Ryan, I have seen this thing up close and it is SMOKIN!!!!!
  11. Nice ripper mate
  12. Bruces builds were second to none, that's for sure. Some cracking bikes here guys. Love those Cannondales!!!!!
  13. Hi Bernie, All the best with your recovery mate. My opinion may differ from others, If that was my bike, it would just get a re-grease, new tyres and tubes and a good clean with elbow grease. She will come up a million dollars,.........then take the old girl for a ride