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  1. hello fellas.just want to let you guys all know that acebmx bourght a red elina seat of me on ebay and for sum reason is saying its a fake lol.its nos in the original bag and as genuine as can be.its got me fooked.lol.
  3. nice very nice.will look beta with a lamp beside it though hehe.jokn.keep it up kenny ur a top bloke with sum very nice frames in your hands.
  4. beautiful build love it.well done
  5. thanks dude.i hate winter, so come spring, summer time il be out there joining you bandits for a ride.
  6. thanks dude.speaking of skating i have a little collection of sum 80s decks.skated in the late 80s spewing i didnt keep the deck but found it nos in shrink and now hanging in my room.the good old days.
  7. thanks guys for the comments.yeh bit lazy to clean the pool but not lazy to work on the bikes lol.
  8. thanks dude.yeh the pools good empty in winter and topped up in summer lol.needs abit of work.bikes first then pool lol.
  9. Hello guys i said i was building a rider for myself to cruz and i have pretty much finished it.Just needs a chain.Its a 1980 Premier by Premier cycles Japan.its not a big name bike but the quality is all there.it has butted welds chromoly frame and is very light.il put it up there with sum of the big name bikes as its a beautiful frame but thats my saying on that.sum may agree sum may not.anyways its painted in a Audi colour with abit of a custom touch in 2pac.i have pretty much used all japan parts apart from the grips,pads and pedals.abit of a run down on parts: Win bars,Tange forks,Elina seat,Tange seat clamp,Suntour stem,MX 1000 rear brakes,Dia compe lever,Oakley grips,ZAP pads Florida state series,fully polished Araya 7x rims,polished shimano hubs,Comp3 rainbow tyres and Sugino CT 175 Chromoly Cranks.All NOS.
  10. hi guys im after a 86/88 gt pro performer in orig condition or even a show bike prefer a team bike but anything will do.its for a friend who had one back in the day.
  11. if i need a particular part il pay.
  12. i got i nos 2 yrs ago from US and paid 550 to my door.
  13. ..

    beautiful frame kenny.love seeing different and rare frames.yeh give it a powder or 2pac coat and hang up mate like the rest of your very rare collection.
  14. thanks dude.i got the dice of the usa ebay site.they have many brands.skyway,hutch,raleigh and some other ones.they top off the bike
  15. couldnt afford the bike back then.got it now