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  1. No but i am middle back row n my sister to the right of blonde girl which is Danielle thomas
  2. Suntour bear trap pedals are the go
  3. All depends on age 1 1/8 rims for kids for about 4yrs to 9yrs then 1 3/8 from about 10 to 15 or 16 for girls. But would get on 20 x 1.50 rims on normal tyres for bout bout 14yrs to 16 yrs.155mm cranks for younger age,160-170mm for a 10yr to 14 or 15 yr old
  4. Gee Rob sorry to here about your accident mate,hope in time your injuries heal so you can get back on on bike mate as i know you loved having a ride.take care mate & rest up
  5. bullseyes didnt come in 180mm, they come in 178mm & 182mm i think. the experts may know the corrrect length.
  6. what size? im lookn at selling me 661 xl helmet,its hade very little use since i got it & ive add a echo helmet clip
  7. Well my sister had 3 frames & i had 2frames & i also brought 2 more & none of those frames were stamped or had a serial number either,so why would they stamp a odd frame. As i said before maybe the owner of that frame stamped it as a way to prove it was his.
  8. no crisp were stamped prior to 91 unless it was stamped by the owner of that frame.As myself & Helena were sponsered by crisp i can tell you that no frame she had or i had were stamped at all.
  9. Thxs Chad for update &yes best to get 1 project out the way before considering another. Happy easter. Colin
  10. hey Chad have you spoken to Dean & shown him how the f/f are coming along.May be good to do a tribute bike up to honour my sister.
  11. these were only stamped after 92 as my 91 model doesnt have stampings on the dropouts.
  12. Me misses n 2 friends flew to melb n watch him tues nite, 3hrs she said he play for n it was awesome
  13. Nice chad wots the price on these babies
  14. guys go to you tube & type in helenas tribute & watch the video
  15. Hi guys just let u know alot of you are over east but go to william barrett & sons web site on friday nite & a dvd of helenas service. If u know my dad gary go to facebook, be his friend & you read about why helena is no longer here. Thanks for all your kind words,she had a heart gold & will be missed.