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  1. The dynamic duo!
  2. I'll see you your frame + forks and raise you a whole bike! My 1983 P.K. RIPPER, all original factory finishes and stickers. This bike is all about authenticity!
  3. Hotfoot by the looks of it...
  4. Umm... what? Whilst I do sympathize with your loss/lack of enthusiasm for the hobby at large and your dismay at the rising cost of prices of NOS and or rare/specialized bits - at what stage is this hobby scene "OVER". Now, I too have been skeptical/concerned about the monetary growth/values of parts for years, saying that the interest will decline and prices will plummet but the trend shows no sign of decaying or plateauing. Does the rising prices make the hobby unrealistic/achievable for a lot of people - yes. Does that make it over - no. As far as greed goes, in my short-time on OZBMX I find the very opposite to be true. People here (in general) are usually very generous with their pricing and are always more that willing to go above and beyond to help each other out with a build. I know I'd never had finished any of my bikes without help from fellow members - so, I think it is unfair to vent your frustrations here of all places.
  5. Minty fresh! That's one helluva nice collection you've got there Eugene. Although, deep down you know they belong on a bike. How can you keep lying to yourself like this?
  6. That cook bros stem is tuff as heck! Gold has to be a super rare colour code right?
  7. Guess that's what happens when you don't clean your room like you were supposed too...
  8. I don't know why you'd ever choose one of these over the far superior spring roll; but them girls though...
  9. That's so grouse!
  10. Free bikes for everyone!
  11. I'll be down! Make sure you blokes bring along all your mongoose goodies, will you.
  12. Schmexy PK!
  13. I had just assumed that's what he was because of the Araya rims and blue anno kit.
  14. Seat, post, grips and valve caps are unoriginal - but other than that it's all pretty stock standard. I believe Hence had a more complete one a while back, but this is still one hell of a nice bike! GLWS
  15. Sorry. I'm snaking the DX for the PK. I do too, but I feel like it's not exactly complete enough to ever be an amazing survivor. If it were 100% original and still in tact; I'd definitley say leaver her be. I think it will make for a much more impressive ride restored. Now I've got to convince him of that...