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  1. I think there has been some really good discussion in this thread. Yes I'm a pre-85 supporter but after talk of governance in this thread I've changed my mind. Got thinking about enforcing the class rules if I was the official. I also think that clearly defining the class rules and getting all states to use a single set of rules needs progression. All in all it shows the class is maturing. So I hold a lot of hope for its future. Oddly, this thread is being posted on fb and not in a very nice light. I think this thread has helped with giving the class some relevant direction. Face it, it's hard to discuss aspects like insurance, liability, rules and governance. Hats off to all on this thread for keeping this thread productive.
  2. Thanks for the invite to your event, it's not my mentality that prevents me going, Google maps says it's 1375km away via the Pacific highway. Others have noted on your fb post that they can't make it either, it's not because we don't want to be there. Thanks for being a contributor to the scene.
  3. Bambi - I would love to have an old school scruitineering accreditation that you quote - is there an application process? How do I obtain this qualification? I've also been looking at the bmxa rules to see if under subscribed classes are merged or abandoned.
  4. I'm guessing the classes will be combined, as there should be no such thing as a guaranteed Aus plate.
  5. Quick question. What if someone injures themselves and then says that their bike does not comply and therefore they should have been prevented from racing? Who has the liability here? Or if someone gets taken out by someone on a bike that does not comply? Does the bmxa insurance cover a rider whose bike does not comply with the class rules? Second question. If there is no scruitineering and the bloke next to you on the gate is on a bike that does not comply is the only outcome to let the race run anyway then put in a protest? As riders protesting against other riders is worst case scenario when compliance could be sorted before a helmet is strapped on. I've been thinking about historic car racing and how the vehicle verification works, and the more I look into the compliance issue the more I'm convinced the process must be formalised. After all its the Aussie champs here.
  6. Note this thread discusses the 2014 box nationals. The rules are already set. Riders need to ensure their bikes comply. Regarding the pre 86 rule again riders need to ensure their frame and fork complies. If the age cannot be determined then it is not able to be demonstrated that the bike complies and therefore is ineligible - my take only. Need a ruling here.
  7. Great reply BMX. Although a few speed humps though. So Bmxa has introduced a new class with special rules and you say Bmxa has - No capacity to enforce the rules - No capabilities to enforce the rules - From what I can tell has not engaged with the old school community to formulate an approach to enforcing the rules - Hope that the old school community will self regulate. Apparently there are road rules around using Mobile phones when driving. Do police think drivers should self regulate or is there enforcement by those with the power and responsibility? Anyway, rules and no approach to enforcing them - let's see how that goes. Lets face it, retro racing should remain social and that means not be offered at state or national titles. At a club level you can be a bit generous with the application of the rules. I don't mind old school specific events like the new defunct Retro Grands. But in general old school racing needs to remain at a club level or it won't survive.
  8. Agree GTO455. I guess I object to the posts where people state that they would race a bike that does not comply as they consider they would nor be found out. Tell no one and no one will know. It's like saying I'll do 150kph on this stretch of road in my car knowing it's illegal but because I won't get nabbed somehow it's okay. BMXA have published the national rules on old school for long enough to be known. So if your strategy is to fool the officials note that riders can escalate concerns too.....
  9. Fortunately rules are rules and the current rules need to be enforced else when one person bends them slightly then the next person bends them more.... Tyres as an example - it's easy and cheap to find tyres that fall within the rules. It's the Aussie champs we are discussing here, not a club level race where you could look the other way. If you have been to an Aussie champs before you know there is no movement in application if the rules in any class and fair enough. Yes the old school crew will need to self police rules local to old school and this function needs to be sorted pre-event.
  10. Racing my Patterson at Castle Hill in the retro class tomorrow. Also racing my 84 Skyway in the new school class ;-)
  11. A great read
  12. QLD old school BMXers.... there's that name again.....
  13. It the 30th Anniversary of the Wodonga BMX track celebration this weekend. It's also the Vic vs NSW shootout. I'm putting on a vintage Wodonga BMX display - with early 80s Wodonga trophies, ribbons, pro-am memoribilia, 80s NE Vic regional things, and some retro racers - Pattersons, GTs. And some pics of the track from the 80s including the now lost pro section. I've also got 47 minutes of club racing from 9/9/1983, which will be on the tv. The display will be set up inside the clubhouse near signon at the Wodonga track on Sunday. So swing on by and have a look at some genuine old school BMX history, all at a track that still survives today.
  14. Progress. I've got NOS 60s Monaro parts which they now repo..... ah well.
  15. Interesting that with all the banter I've read about things that went down at Robertos show that no one is talking straight up and saying 'this is what happened'. Lots of phases with double meanings, sentances where you are supposed to read between the lines, people trying to be ultra polite while being obviously p!ssed off...... Strange thing about the times of the bikes we all collect - you could call a spade a spade.