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  1. MONGOOSE Early Candy RED "Team" Forks - NOS Original Classic Early "Team" forks with slim 7/8" legs. Original RED mongoose candy-coating. 2 or 3 very small marks and candy chips from shelfwear in shop. Corners and edge of stickers have lifted a little, and some scratching on the stickers which has protected the legs from being scratched. You can replace the stickers with modern (accurate) reproductions to freshen it up. (The very tip of the dropouts has some candy wear off from storage, pics show these imperfections). Very clean allover and ready to build up. NEVER used, Never show-biked, this is mint mint mint. $500 - FREE Post across Aus, or Pickup in Melb, East suburbs.
  2. Dibs if still available
  3. The black/chrome downtube says it all. This model frame is the "MTX" marketed by commodore bicycles. I have had many of these (same downtube sticker, same headbadge), i still have a yellow laying about and maybe others in the pile.
  4. There are 2 style of team/thruster dropout frames, One has matchbox behind the BB, and the 2nd style has the 2 chainstays (no matchbox) straight out of the BB. I had both of these styles in my later Quicky collection. I always called Them Team1 and Team2 era. I can't recall which style my frame from Gavin was though, is the BB in the photos on ice sliding? I'm sure i have the original 35mm slides of the ice rink photoshoot from BMX Pancake archives. I probably have (in storage) a lot more photos of the frame & details than what was actually in the mag. There might actually be pics at Gavins house sawing the brakebridge out ;-)
  5. I recall something about Gavin using longer wheelbase for more stability, mainly needed when he was car jumping. The longer wheelbase, prevented the bike from being too snappy in the steering which kept the bike straight when heading toward a ramp at 50lm's ;-) Additionally, there was also something about Gavin not liking standard BMX frames tending to go vertical (or looping out) during high jumps. His intention was to prevent the bike from looping him onto his back while jumping over 4-5 cars, something you WOULD want to avoid, hence the longer wheelbase to help stabilise that issue. It didn't seem to help much, as most of Gavins jumps always looked very Vertical in the air, but maybe that was the sweet spot before flipping out? CDBMX, to confirm, the Thruster frame i got was definately just a team frame, not helium. If i had a helium back then (albeit cut) i would have held onto it a lot longer. I wish i took photos of it, but it was nothing more than a muck around 'mono' bike with not enough interest to warrant taking pics. When i built it up, i was struggling for parts, so the gearing i used was 39/22, it was a flipout mono bike, it took about 5-6 cranks to travel 1 meter, it was more of a novelty goof around bike for me, just something to bash around on after leaving bmx racing and starting college. I think the small white line just behind the frame pad is either a reflection off the chrome from camera flash, or a white plastic cable loop, hard to tell for certain. I know Gavin had a few frames to play with, he got himself in tight with CD to the point of the development of the Liquid Smoke, (as we've all read in Aus bmx newspaper). So he was always tinkering in ways with CD to modify quickies and/or totally redevelop a new concept frame "LS" It's all coming back.
  6. For those that don't know, Gavin died (for real this time) around 2+ years ago. Yep, Gavin painted his Landing Gear forks into 3 colours, red/white/blue, something different at the time.
  7. Yeh, Gavin was everywhere, jumping cars at every festival possible, trick riding in shopping centers, then later into the 1/4 pipe action at every shopping centre and school possible... Of course there was the infamous incident in Bourke Street Mall (Melb) jumping 4 or 5 cars, along with running into an old lady which made the news. The main problem was, it wasn't an approved display in the city, Gavin just rocked up, told his mates where to park there cars (kind of ballsy parking your car ACROSS Bourke street when it was a traffic through-way. Gavin never cared, he never ASKED, he just went and DID things. He only dealt with problems later on *IF* someone complained and the cops came along, but generally he always got away with his antics. Mr.Showmanship ;-)
  8. ok, i rode with both brothers back in the day, in fact they were neighbours around the corner from me. The picture of shaun jumping (515) is a demonstration in Blackburn north shopping center, along with gavin, jamie hales, dave cooper, dave kennedy, barry dever and possibly paul bignell too. (that group were thick as thieves). (sorry Andy, it is shaun when he had darker hair, before his 80's bleaching period). Regarding gavin and his spikey "ice bike". Has anyone looked close enough to see if it's definately a helium? can we see the valves? I only ask because Gavin cut off the brake bridge to allow clearance of the spikes to pass through. The spikes were around 15-20mm sticking out, they were just regular nails with the pointy tips cut off to (hopefully) give extra bite into the ice. I know this , because i was one of the suckers on my school holidays with a hacksaw cutting nails in half for Gavin while he hacksawed the brakebridge out of his frame. We also fitted strips of sheet metal (like rim tapes) within the tyre and drilled holes to poke the nails through, then a sacrificial tube was slit open and lined inside the tyre while a real tube filled inside it (hopefully offering more strength not to allow the nails to push back into the real tube, it worked). About 2-3 years later, a guy at school wanted my blue tuff wheels, he didn't have the $100 i wanted for them, so he offered me a quicksilver trade, he got the quickie from a mutual mate of ours, who in turn got it from Gavin. It was the very quickie with the missing brake bridge which i owned for maybe 5+ years until i traded it for a 10speed racer for college. I know where this frame "could be" but i'm sure the guy has thrown it long ago. So, if CD doesn't have a brake bridge missing, it aint the exact frame Gavin used in the ice-show, but Gavin being Gavin (con artist swindler shonky smooth-talker) he would have milked other frames out of CD for his shows. He milked every shop he could with promises and promotion that never eventuated lol FACT FACT FACT, You can't beat the truth!
  9. Liquid Rust, maybe ;-) or is that Liquid assets? ;-)
  10. KS is full of it, the owner of quicky had confirmed to several people that no complete frames (especially not heliums) were never sold or auctioned. It was only tubing and not much more in the way of parts and furniture. Buyer beware ;-)
  11. OMG, i didn't know these copies were $4.5k, that's even worse than my scenario ;-( Yep, $200-$300 with repop numbers. Maybe an expert like JC could be persuaded to make REALISTIC ones for reasonable price and of course obvious repop numbering.
  12. Repro frames would be good *IF* they were only selling for a couple hundred each and it would help a lot of people get their dreambike together. If they're still commanding $2k+ then thats just completely fucked! An opportunist project at best. I'm not sure that 11mm imperial is even possible, lol - it would be "11mm metric" OR 7/16" imperial ;-)
  13. Cool, i haven't seen Steve for a few years, glad he was there, i hope the locals knew who he was and talked to him. ;-)
  14. Do i see local freestyler Steve Cassap sitting at the rear table near Eddie?????
  15. Lalor only used 6 inner lanes though.