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  1. nice! agree on the seat has to go.
  2. looks good, how much would rub off after a ride but??
  3. It be a shame if there's no rangas left. there my fav people to rip on.
  4. in her defence she didnt no he was married.... ahahahaha clarke being over rated as a batsman is bullshait your all just hating. outside the field his a douch. he isnt ready yet as a captain but i dont see anyone ready to take his place.
  5. anyone got else got one? was looking at getting one but there so expensive
  6. i would sell all my bikes for one of these. always been my favourite freestyle bike ever. lucky bastards haha
  7. anyone know when its comming out?
  8. i watched it today. so bloody good. and fook eddie mcguire. did you see him interview Dale Begg-Smith? what a disgrace. 9 done a shait job so far.
  9. ahahahahahah me too
  10. haha that was pretty good!
  11. no issues here with the cranks. from the sounds of it i got lucky.
  12. i got the xl. love it, my bars seem to be fine? not sure about that seat change
  13. i think a program is good for beginners to get used to the idea on trainging a few days a week. but over the long run its really a lifestyle change that makes the differance instead of a program. when eating well and training becomes an everyday part of your daily life then you no its for the long run. take it easy, alot of people jump it to hard all excitd and burn out after 2 months. working out is like everything you loose motivation, hit plateaus, but work though it you be so much happier in the long run! lifes to short to be lazy!
  14. thats great stick at it. just remeber what you learnt during the training and keep at it after the program. and keep movtivated!
  15. nah they got it from south park ahahahhahah