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  1. Mods, lock this up please. Will part it out soon. Thanks
  2. Welcome aboard Andrew, I used to live in Singapore. I used to love a cruise along the East Coast Park early in the morning before the crowds arrived. Great place to ride. Enjoy the site!
  3. May look to part this out if there isn't any interest in a complete......
  4. Thanks Guys, the bike ride great, I am only selling it because my BMX years were 79-84 and I want to build another bike from that era. This was the second year Haro produced race bikes after only producing freestyle bikes until then. I bought this when I was living in London in 2007 and most of the parts were sourced while I was there, including the wheelset/tyres from the Milton Keynes Old School meeting in 2007 or 2008. A bike shop in Wigan called Alan's BMX run by a famous old school UK racer called Alan Woods had a few of these left over from the 80's and sold them from his shop in 2005-2006. I managed to get this F/F from a bloke who bought it from Alan's but never built it up. Long winded but a bit of background for everyone.
  5. Be gentle this is my first sale after 6 or 7 years on the forum. Up for sale is my 1987 Group 1 RS2, NOS before assembly after being purchased in the UK. Parts list.... Haro Fusion stem, Haro bars, Haro Uni-Directional chainwheel and spider, Fusion seat clamp, Dia-Compe Bulldog brakes, generic seat post and cranks(some flaking), Suntour XCII pedals in fair condition, ARAYA 7X rims with sealed bearing hubs in used condition with used 'rainbow' label Comp III tires, non era correct Haro seat and AME grips. Overall this is a great bike that with the addition of an era correct seat and crank set(or new Group 1 crankset) would be a fantastic addition to any collection. Asking $1,300 pick up only, Sydney(2066). Thanks.
  6. Alstar Cycles from memory were in Killarney Heights.
  7. Hi cannot see those pictures but i was their. Prob in 15 yrs race. 

    Can you email me some of those lost memories?


    andrew wood



    1. DR3


      Hi Andrew, 

      From memory you and Martin someone? were the 2 fastest guys in the club? Do you have the 

      old Pancake magazine with the photos of the day they visited our club?




    2. Andrew Wood

      Andrew Wood

      Yes that is correct. 

      Sorry i did not see how this thread was working. 

      Bmx pancake online does have plenty of pictures

  8. I stopped racing in '82 when I had just turned 14. I always ran fat/skinny, as the Professor commented on the tracks were rough then so it was accepted wisdom that you needed the 2.125 for extra traction. Even then still lost the front wheel quite regularly...... but that could have been because I was useless
  9. Castle Hill BMX, Orange Blossom Open Day 1981. Rider in the yellow Cyclesport International gear, Matthew Johnston 1 Aust at the time. Me with red helmet. Not sure the others.
  10. As you would well remember from those days John, colour coordination was very important to all of us on our bikes,almost more so than brands plus the scrutineers wouldn't let you race without all 3 pad's! I can't remember when Quicksilver started making pad's? but maybe at that stage late 79 or early 80 they didn't have their own or maybe Hales just thought the colour matched better? Quicksilver, from memory regularly had an ad in ADB and ADB used to occasionally mention BMX in their hallowed pages too! I also like AJ's 'Racing Mate Rmmmm' gloves, great old Aussie MX/BMX brand!
  11. The photo of Jamie Hales was one of my favourite Aussie photo's BITD. Notice how he has a Redline frame pad even though he is a Factory Quicksilver rider!
  12. Very very sad...... RIP
  13. Beautiful bike, especially love the Haro brake lever!