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  1. They are lovely and would look great on a PK or a Race Inc ,, I hope someone takes em off you,,!! ( so I stop thinking about them )
  2. Hey mate ,, on my phone can’t see the price ,,?
  3. Hi Ron,,,any Jizz (wet dream) stains..?
  4. Hey Oz dudes ,, got these nice bars up for grabs,, nice og decal ,, few nicks and marks ,, but being alloy they can easily be cleaned up if that's ya thing,, 100 bux posted in Oz or 70 bux pick up in Toowomba Qld
  5. will u do $20 ,,? and a reach around...?
  6. hi Ron ,,,are you up for any swaps ,,, ? i got a genuine hotfoot in similar condiish ,,,but refinished ,,? lmk mate ..
  7. hit me up if you want this plate !
  8. hey fellas ,, trying this on eBay ,, pm me if interested,, I would rather sell it here
  9. I"ll do $ 250 posted in OZ
  10. I"ll put one on if ya buy Andy ,!
  11. if it was repop, Ronny would have had grabbed it
  12. pppffft , Timmy , cmon ,, are you dibsing or just kicking tyres ,,?
  13. pm me if keen and I'll text ya some pics ,,