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  1. Bargain price, I've seen this in the flesh and it's so sweet.
  2. OH it's so beautiful makes me want to get back into it. If I had the spare 5K I'd be all over it. GWS it's a ripper build
  3. I'm sure it's an 86 PK frame
  4. Nice PK
  5. Up for grabs is a Malvern Star I think it's a early 80's looptail. At this stage it's pick up only Frame has been re powdercoated with repop stickers Skyway tuffs gen 2 Nitto mx2 head stem repop Ame grips Shimano DX pedals Dia compe replica brakes Kenda tires Keihin sprocket Asking $350 ONO
  6. Welcome back Aiden I haven't posted for a long time but it's great to see you back.
  7. OK boys for those of you that own a Streetbeat it's time to show it off!! Let's see what we can muster up. I'll start it off Attached are 2 of mine
  8. Up for grabs is this awesome 1984 Vector FS Unlimited It's the only one I know of with the warranty card attached. All you need to do is connect the brakes (I'm too lazy to do it) Price includes postage within Australia. Pick up welcome Price: $4500 Registered Posted & insured or $4350 pickup Dibs wins 1984 Vector fs Unlimited NOS Frame/Bars (warranty card still attached) Checked shotgun II seat DK platform clamp, annodised black and engraved with dk logo Custom loop handle seat post Gen 2 Bullseye cranks, balck annodised bullseye disc, pete's chainring NOS Vector Ultimate pedals Izumi chain DK Freestyle platform stem NOS ACS Z rims with Bullseye Hubs NOS Comp Pool Freestyle tyres NOS Oakley b1b grips NOS ACS Levers NOS Dicompe Mx1000 front and rear break callipers (front has been modified for freestyle set up)
  9. Bike has been sold
  10. I had 2 of these builds and bought this one from another member here on the site. This was already built but i added the wheel set, tyres, brakes & seat post. It's my last build and have sold everything I had. It's an amazing bike in the flesh, I've has some cool freestylers VDC, RL20ii, Trickstar etc and I would have to say my fav is the Vector by miles.
  11. Will be open to parting out if it doesn't sell.
  12. That is sick, awesome build always loved the Mike Buff edition. Well done on a very nice build.
  13. Up for grabs are some parts and Items I have left over and looking to move on. All prices include registered postage within Australia. Pick up welcome. Dibs wins out over private message. Payments are to me made on the same day to paypal account: Item 1. Autographed Oakley Box (no grips included) it was part of a benefit fund raiser in the US and was autographed by all the legends even the late great Scot Briethaupt RIP. It comes with a custom made case with a blue mirrored base. All the signatures are listed below on the ebay listing Asking $550 Item 2. VDC seat post (was purchased with my VDC freestyler) from Flanel Camel in the US He assured me it's a VDC post when I purchased the frame set. Asking $120 More to come shortly
  14. Vector bars for sure. Here are my freestyle vector bars
  15. LOL Yep your not wrong Brett, I've only got one build left.
  16. I regret selling my RL20ii and VDC freetyler
  17. They ride really well. Happy with mine
  18. Pete I couldn't have said it better. I cant speak for all but if you ask a high end collector if they feel their builds are not appreciated the answer would be yes. I have seen some killer builds in BOTM poll poorly, Nikkup's Vector, Trickstar, Hulks Trickstar and the list goes on. I think it's all subjective, I have also seen some killer x gusset hot foots and some really cool mid and new school builds. What we all need to understand is that sourcing these builds is not only a labour of love but also a logistical nightmare. If you really want to drill it down further it's the countless hours of searching for error correct parts, despite constantly looking I have never come across a DK platform seat clamp combo but with the help of my friends I have managed to own 3 of them. There is also a stigma that surrounds the bling builds (cheque book collectors) etc what we don't see are the sacrifices made in dollar terms to bring these builds to Australia. If it wasn't for the friendships I have made and the support especially from Nikkup I wouldn't be in this hobby. I know of a one killer build happening right now but most peeps will never have the chance to see it and that's a shame because it truly is extraordinary and the attention to detail is on a new level.
  19. Hi guy's I thought I would put up some pics of my new build. I really enjoyed building this bike.
  20. Thanks so much for all the kind words. Well done to all the fine builds that were entered each month, and there were heaps of them. My vector is not the best build I've seen this year, there were many others that would easily take the mantle but I'm humbled by the support. Well done to Brett for doing a exceptional job in organising and running the BOTM & BOTY this year.
  21. WOW that Redline is stunning
  22. You did a ripper job on your muscle car paint job It is amazing.
  23. Thanks Dave your the best. I want to do a RX3 body, I may come and see you soon.