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  1. XA is sweet! I wanted to get Simmons for the datto before I got into the JDM look. Dying to get the car + bike out together for some photos but it's too bloody cold!
  2. cheers guys The chain was replaced for a half-link not long ago, you can see it in the newer pics. Unless that one is on backwards too?
  3. cheers guys. Thanks lost youth, is that your MK2? My mate with the Hotfoot/Orange Tuffs owns a MK1 escort with an EFI pinto 2ltr. The guy with the grey/white bike owns an early Gemini panel van with a VN V6 conversion, so we're all into oldschool cars too
  4. thanks guys for the kind words hey supertight, I'll have to get some detail shots of the bikes individually, plus the Hotfoot is getting powdercoated baby blue very soon. When I have better pics of all of them I'll definitely be uploading them to your site, it'll be a trip to see our bikes on boutique cycles!
  5. thanks Enz! you'll definitely have to come for a ride one day, we'll probably hit st kilda beach when the weather warms up. These bikes sure get some looks wherever you take them, people love em.
  6. new pics today guys, went for a bit of a fun ride with my mates who have also put some bikes together recently. You know how it is with guys, all or nothing when it comes to hobbies! You can see my new half link chain too in the second pic (after installing my first chain upside down...duhh!) let us know what you think Riding around today made me wonder what the hell 'normal' people think when they see a bunch of guys in their mid 20s riding around on these things lol
  7. went out for a ride with a couple of mates today, had some fun with the camera. You can see my new half link chain too in the second pic let us know what you think
  8. Well it needs grips for sure since the original GT ones are not very comfortable, so I'll go black & white with those, then I might get some electrical tape onto the cables and do a colour test, see if I like it or not. I do agree with you though, it's looking very complete and understated at the moment, so I don't want to wreck its appeal.
  9. minor update (no pics unfortunately)...I bought a gold half-link chain to replace my upside down one :loling: I wanted a new one anyway since when I was originally fitting the chain I had started to grind off a link when I realised it was the wrong one, so one of my links is sort of half ground down. New chain will fix that + look better. As for colour scheme, fluro is well and truly ditched, I'm thinking of matching the colours that are on the decals (yellow & purple), so maybe yellow & purple cables, and some black & white grips to match the wheels/white wall tyres. What do people think? this UK ebay seller has gyro cables in yellow, but not purple other good news is that 3 of my mates are now into bmx's and their bikes are coming along nicely, should have pics of them soon.
  10. cheers Coasty Looking for suggestions on colours for grips & cables. I've gone off the fluro idea, as cool as I think it would look I'm really liking the understated style of the bike. I'm thinking about... - yellow & pink/purple cables to match the decals - black & white grips to match the tuffs/whitewalls Also is there anywhere I can get the decals re-made?
  11. I'd love to find an oldschool roof rack and throw the GT up there. There's a pic somewhere of a 510 in the US with a bmx on some racks, I'll try to track it down.
  12. I'm not too sure mate, I'm a fair newb myself haha
  13. Thanks for the input guys, now that I look at this pic I know exactly what you mean. Live and learn I guess!