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  1. Coool
  2. No worries at all bro... enjoy
  3. They look great Mark. What's the timeframe?
  4. Oh hell no. You better send them to me brother . I need em
  5. Yes.100%..... I thought I was the only one who likes bars the same colour as the frame and fork.
  6. Glow sticks if you can keep them away from the kids. Dogs or cats v6.7o?
  7. Sunburn baby has gone to sleep. Bmx ain't his thang
  8. How hard would it be to find another set. They suit the trick star really well mate
  9. Came back to buy this. Bugger. Great buy
  10. Nrl

    I'm hearing you brother.
  11. Oh fuk . I'm not a chick but still whinced at the sight of that
  12. Cheers lads. Airing out the swags and tents and shit. Might sleep in one too methinks fukkit.
  13. Rocking horse poo