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  1. Nice 1.
  2. Show fitted Sugino BMX chainwheel bolts. $55.00 shipped. Sugino spider, has scratch as shown. $40.00 shipped. Take $5.00 off if you take both. D/D payment.
  3. Great to polish or survivor, has a mark on top. $55.00 shipped D/D payment.
  4. 2 x Pitbulls Gen1 for restore or parts. $100.00 shipped Shimano Hubs. $28.00 shipped OG Mongoose grips. $28.00 shipped D/D payment.
  5. Cobra frame/fork resto project with front steerer/top tube damage, bend down from hard hit I would say, chain whip and rust. Forks are straight original dual dropout, finish is toast and threads have washer locking washer mark. $125.00 shipped F/F. Sugino B/B, missing bearings and and end washes/nuts, some rust. $30.00 shipped D/D payment
  6. Bolts. $18 shipped. Cranks. $45 shipped.
  7. Super Maxy cranks, Racer cranks with dual chain wheel setup, tapers and pedal threads fine, dust cap threads are toast and no good, non-drive I can get a crank remover on but drive arm is stripped out completely , marks as shown, cheap pair to polish up, $50.00 shipped. Sugino crank bolts, chrome on one one has flaked, usual wrench marks, $20.00 shipped. Blue tourneys brakes, front complete in good condition with cable and lever, rear incomplete caliper, $115.00 shipped MX1000 front calipers restore projects with 2 x Nos adjusters, $150.00 shipped for both calipers and adjusters. D/D payment.
  8. Both rider or restore, will clean up better, to lazy Suntour clamp with og hardware, $50.00 shipped. Dia Compe rear MX900 all original with NOS adjuster. $85.00 shipped. PayPal no fees to me
  9. 2nd Dibs pending pics / parts / condition
  10. Yeah. Like the see the person rock up with 2K seeing he is throwing the number around. Have you brought it yet Lucien for 2k?
  11. L only serial / Full size No 95.
  12. As pulled from survivor, forks are straight, someone went to town fitting the race on the steerer, will not be seen once fitted up, usual wear and tear, some rust spots have bitten into the chrome, no dents, great for that survivor/rider. 20in. $118.00 shipped D/D Deposit.
  13. I will do this $350.00 shipped