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  1. Mongoose Seat Clamp in clean survivor condition . All original hardware, could use new nut, some light rust on the inside areas. Presents very well fitted up. $150 Shipped.No fees.
  2. Nice 1.
  3. Show fitted Sugino BMX chainwheel bolts. $55.00 shipped. Sugino spider, has scratch as shown. $40.00 shipped. Take $5.00 off if you take both. D/D payment.
  4. Great to polish or survivor, has a mark on top. $55.00 shipped D/D payment.
  5. 2 x Pitbulls Gen1 for restore or parts. $100.00 shipped Shimano Hubs. $28.00 shipped OG Mongoose grips. $28.00 shipped D/D payment.
  6. Cobra frame/fork resto project with front steerer/top tube damage, bend down from hard hit I would say, chain whip and rust. Forks are straight original dual dropout, finish is toast and threads have washer locking washer mark. $125.00 shipped F/F. Sugino B/B, missing bearings and and end washes/nuts, some rust. $30.00 shipped D/D payment
  7. Bolts. $18 shipped. Cranks. $45 shipped.
  8. Super Maxy cranks, Racer cranks with dual chain wheel setup, tapers and pedal threads fine, dust cap threads are toast and no good, non-drive I can get a crank remover on but drive arm is stripped out completely , marks as shown, cheap pair to polish up, $50.00 shipped. Sugino crank bolts, chrome on one one has flaked, usual wrench marks, $20.00 shipped. Blue tourneys brakes, front complete in good condition with cable and lever, rear incomplete caliper, $115.00 shipped MX1000 front calipers restore projects with 2 x Nos adjusters, $150.00 shipped for both calipers and adjusters. D/D payment.
  9. Both rider or restore, will clean up better, to lazy Suntour clamp with og hardware, $50.00 shipped. Dia Compe rear MX900 all original with NOS adjuster. $85.00 shipped. PayPal no fees to me
  10. 2nd Dibs pending pics / parts / condition
  11. Yeah. Like the see the person rock up with 2K seeing he is throwing the number around. Have you brought it yet Lucien for 2k?
  12. L only serial / Full size No 95.