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  1. Impatient cunts . Happens alot 8n my game. Graincorp sites have time slots right. So why the fuck do u have to annonce your arrival on the uhf when u they have your name and rego on a printed out list in cronologicail (sp) order. My answer is usually " who the fuck cares! !!".
  2. No dragster. But i probly would it looks like a straight post thats bent. Brikos hmmm elf possible how light those foks are
  3. I was thinking that to but went for a more mainstream thort. Im back to the sla vortex idea now. Will get a better look on weekend.
  4. Hey all well not bad haet for someone that sold all there shit . Cant help myself . Well anyways these are crops from 9ne photo sent to me by a non bmx mate sorry about quality. Im hoping to get a closer look over the weekend. The pedals im sure arent xcii cranks Cranks sugino maybe Gt stem Possible araya 7x rims maybe sunshine hubs. Notice track nuts on front wheel But its the frams and for that has me lost. Forks are to light looking for a kmart bike.
  5. Hi all this is my official good bye. All my bmx stuff went to a new home today just no time for it anymore and with having two boys onenof which is only about 5 years off his licence i can see the shed being full of car shit in the next few years. Any way thx to all the top fellas ive meet over the years and all the help ive received and all that soppy bullshit. Goodluck to the fuckheads ive crossed paths with and the seppo ass clows that caused an international incedent. Thx for the trip. Fatrig fuckn outta here.. Jamie Admin please fully delete my account so i cant be tempted. Cherrio.
  6. DeNOSing is awsome..... i can see half the admin cringing and hovering over the nan button as we speak. Lol
  7. Hey all im cleaning the shed out tomorrow . I xant be buggerd with a for sale thread and postage i have no time for so if u want s9me piccys of what i have and u wanna come pick it up sunday morning inbox me and i will have some piccys to text u before 12 tomorrow. Delete the post if ya want selling shit on here got to difficult last time i was here.
  8. Poor ole changeover robots.
  9. There wont be enough room for all your crap dave.lol
  10. Im a grain carter i get affected either way. To mouch rain cant get on properties not enough no harvest.
  11. Atleast 3-4 years . If not more.
  12. Ok whats the go with the side boob thread?
  13. Nrl

    Adelaide Rams Western reds grand final. Thats my tip. Hunter mariners to get a salary cap breech fine. Also gopd coast seagulls will be embroiled in a doping scandal. ..
  14. I have the big brother of that. Redline 444 its called 24inch sqaureback.