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  1. Still got this? is it complete with black plastic cable insert? cheers mate Greg Dibs if so!
  2. All sorted here, cheers
  3. im still waiting on exact location
  4. Hey peeps, im looking at a bmx on EVIL bay for my daughter, anyone can pick up pack and send to me in NSW? cheers G
  5. NEED SOMEONE IN OR CLOSE TO LOGANHOLME AREA QLD................Im after a set of these vy wagon roof racks on ebay, seller will pack but il need a pickup and post. Anyone can help me out? Obviously costs covered by me! pm me asap please, cheers Greg
  6. Its not old.
  7. Awesome!
  8. Cant believe someone hasnt snapped this for $250!
  9. Thats a bloody nice bike mate!
  10. Mother nature.................................
  11. Yep, time? usual meeting place?
  12. Back then for me it was surefoot II, now im a DX, Lightning fan! still love those surefoot II's!