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  1. I still can't turn off my notifications. Grrr
  2. That's a wtf for sure. Buy fake money? Lol
  3. this notification is bogging down my phone and every page i visit, would you like to get notification of this site Shitting me, NO, NO NO! still asks me.
  4. Thats why i combine parts and ship them over RADO.... Sellers from Yankland are stupid.
  5. Might as well call it Gumtree OZ bmx oh new smileys too. Xav - I respect you for trying to spice it up but uhmm.. might wanna add OZ back in like OZ Bmx Australia - Or Australia Old school Bmx - Just kicking those names around. Bmx collectors sounds like it came out of the United States then I had to look again and made sure i was in Oz. This is from the USA perspective. I rather to be in Oz themed site where theres honor and prestige to Oz history. Like the kangaroos or something. or i can shut the hell up and go along with it.
  6. My Sympathies Glen. Life is just fickle like that. Sometimes its hard to wrap your head around it and ask why... My heart goes to you buddy.
  7. okay I have moved to a new location. I used to ship quite a bit of gear over to oz. I will be resuming shipping from Usa to oz soon. If you want, pm me. This is Todd (the reason i had my name changed back to Z. is because I wanted the oz members to recognize me on the museum as well here using the same name.
  8. Me too!!! :kiss_mini:
  9. Cyclists riding dangerously: $425 fine I guess no bmxing?
  10. Fast and loud dabble in bike building from time to time. Main focus is the car building show and restaurant. The reason why they do bikes is to show they can do it all. More of a showboating type of thing..
  11. :laugh_mini: :laugh_mini: :rofl_mini:
  12. LOL, I sent it to Rangerjames, I forgot to mention that to him. He has a package of Jason foxe's signature on a archie ice creams truck. Hit me up and i ll send you pictures of him signing it. He used to race for Torker. so bear trap is the torker man in Oz. so My gift. cheers mate