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  1. Haven't been in a couple of years but I'm going to buy some parts and see some rad bmx.
  2. Thanks Reddevil, I don't have that washer with pin also thanks ozbmxed my cranks are kind of dodgy so i will check the threads too
  3. Hi guys, this is a real newbie question but I threw together some bits to make a rider, and now when I pedal the washer and BB unthreads itself. So I must have not put it on correctly. It's the non-chainwheel side, all that is there is the large cap that covers the bearing, and a hexagonal washer that screws on top of the cap anti-clockwise. I really can't figure out how it locks, is it possible I am missing a part - or I have it on backwards? Thank you for your help! hmm, I just had a thought, are the cranks themselves in backwards?
  4. I wouldn't worry about trouble mate, those Collingwood supporters have already finished their celebrations
  5. Aww.... it's Knox, you see ladies walkin down the street drinking out of goon bags at lunchtime I read the weather is gonna be 23C and Mostly Sunny for both Sat & Sun, how awesome is that!
  6. This is going to be awesome! Can't wait to meet everyone's BMX's (and possibly the owners too ) Does it run over two days so we should come to both the Sat and Sun?? (Also, do they serve beer in the kiosk??!
  7. Another one saved from the crusher! gj
  8. THIRSTY? omg, geniune coca cola yo-yo's!!! everyone kid on the block had one bitd
  9. Happy Birthday mate! Get pissed on a thursday night, then call in sick tomorrow!
  10. Even if you had the rivets, wouldnt you need that massive machine Waza has to rivet them into the tuff wheel? Anyways, in the for sale forum a member has a replacement flange kit for sale (like 50 ish bux) and it is a new flange and it has long screws with a phillips head that go through to a bolt. From memory, if you have to replace the flanges on tuffs it's not worth it (effort and financial wise). The only easy way to get it done would probably to get Waza help you out. cheers
  11. learnt that the freakin hard way, spent 2 days cleaning cheap brake pads off my tuffs! I have proper dia compe white pads now that work great. lesson learnt. Edit: actually, nearly everything has been learnt the hard way. Cross threaded the forks, stuffed the brake cable, wrong brake pads on the tuffs, wrong tyres, wrong seat guts, wrong seat, bent seatpost, bloody disaster prone lol and did a beautiful respray job over 3 weeks of careful sanding and drying and then applied the wrong type of clear coat, but hey, I started in Jan knowing absolutely nothing about BMX, and now it's great fun. Half the fun of it is using the net to find out how to do something new, and everyone here is helpful too! cheers
  12. thanks guys, I have a grinder with a cutting wheel, (and also a dremel hiding somewhere) - didn't even think to use that. I might try regular type cables and not the oddysey slick, that inner teflon/metal spiral is a beeyotch.
  13. hmm yeah it took like 3 tries with the cutters to make 1 cut so obviously that's not gonna work (better and bigger cutters are in order). but what about that spiralled metal inner, you'd need a hacksaw to go through that thing, I think the cable was an odyssey slick or something like that. It seemed very different to the older brake cables of just plastic tube and the cable.
  14. Hi guys, I haven't run a rear brake on a rear freewheel in agesss, and most of the time I had just been running with a front brake (not very safe). So I got a rear brake calliper, and got a rear brake cable from the shop. Anyway when I got home the cable seemed to be too long by atleast twice the length??! So I cut the cable to make it shorter, and in the process I ruined it it had that metal inner spiral tubing inside the plastic tubing lol My question is, how long (40", 60"?) are rear brake cables supposed to be, and is there any the right length straight out of the packet that anyone can recommend? I always fail at putting on brakes (hence why I love coaster brake) so any help would be greatly appreciated!! Also, is there any trick to cutting brake wire with wire cutters to get a clean edge to thread through callipers? thankss
  15. damn look at all those smithy hammers and stuff! the only place to get hattori hanzo steel is in the blue mountains it seems.....