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  1. Beautiful build Jas.
  2. C'mon Bins .. you must have most of the parts now. Build it, build it, build it..
  3. Fantastic build .. always loved the Hot Hearts!
  4. Nice work there SD.
  5. Nailed it.
  6. PD-MX15 .. can anyone tell me what they were original equipment for (if anything)?
  7. Mks

    MKS PB-20 .. can anyone tell me what they were original to (if anything)?
  8. Agreed. BTW Nike own Converse
  9. The serial number is all wrong for a Hottie. But yes, a generic Taiwanese job and definitely not Chatsworth or Team. How heavy is it .. my guess is its not CrMo either. Sorry
  10. Looks like a Giant made bike - maybe even a Repco Intrepid.
  11. Makes you wonder how it was damaged in the first place .. it doesn't look like it could be made landing the bike on a gutter or a ramp.
  12. Have you seen this thread? There is a suggestion in there that the Bennet has a similar frame.
  13. Can't tell you anything about them but that is a nice looking bike. Good quality forks and brakes. What is the frame made of? Do any of the decals give you clues?? Steel rims or alloy? That frame gusset looks similar to the Centurion although these are not looptails. I am not suggesting they are the same but maybe from the same manufacturer?