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  1. Top Shelf Buyer - No B.S. here

  2. DIBS his collection of comp II tyres.
  3. daz - dont wear the stubbies over here mate, its the european "gibbons" on the voddies now - nearly bedtime, its 11:00pm here. off to athens tomoz.
  4. im in mykonos drinking "draft" mythos and alpha - shit in stubbies but ok off the tap.
  5. i see it has a coaster brake tab.
  6. i've got a silver but i haven't seen a "blue" mini before kosy.
  7. ____________________________ thats right gavo - how hot was she.
  8. all good thanks gavo - i got one.
  9. See ya big fella. ive still got the scar from where your fukin dog bit me. I didnt drop the esky though! i remember the international incident you caused with the "sepo ass clowns" over the 26" zrims i wanted. all the best mate.
  10. DIBS - Brakes/Grips (C) Old School grips $20
  11. DIBS - Chainwheels - (A) Red Sugino 40 teeth $10
  12. DIBS - 3. KKT Lightning pedals, well used, scuffed up, one cage slightly bent $55
  13. __________________________ quality mate
  14. ____________________________________ Definition of a "Top Shelf Piss Head"........... Someone who has a stubby opener built into their wallet.