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  1. Hey mate, no never been changed bought brand new saved all my $$$ and added tuffs etc. How do i make images lesser in size? Got a few more bikes to put up
  2. Gday guys/girls, Jumping back into the joys of bmx riding and collecting, Im only a young fella when comparing to you veterans here! Bought a haro shredder of evilbay years ago and my collection has reasonably grown and shrunk since. Recently, my family had undertaken a might clean up of the dreaded shed and garage and I stumbled back into my bikes and parts, alot of it has been thrwn out or misplaced but hey what can you do?! A few of my rides: SE BRONCO HARO SHREDDER HARO TR2.1 At the moment, im wanting to go oldschool now as I like them abit more, plus they have lots more vibrant colours. Ill be coming down to the st kilda swap meet if time permits.
  3. I guess thats the way of the world, lost a few hotfoot frames and alot of components. Im not really too sure 100% as i had abit there from memory. Iv
  4. Hey guys/girls last few years have been a bit hectic and honestly forgotten about doing what I love being building and riding. Vce uni drivers licence etc a couple days ago whilst cleaning out the garage I found a lot of my old parts,however my mum has taken the liberty of turfing a lot of my old school frames and parts if anybody has ANY old to mid school party lying around mainly a frame hit me up please I'll be forever great fun and I'll supply beers if need be!! Thanks tim
  5. maxx i completely agree im wasnt that good when i bought my bike have a look their like yes yes and yes just to sell shait my dad told them tricks and they were lie wtf haha
  6. hi their how much does it cost to sell im looking to sell valve caps and some parts wanna buy a -dragster -tyres can i bring a se bronco 2010 model with tuffs and a haro shredder mid 90's model as well as a unknown frame
  7. go to teds or gold cross and 4 coloured chain u can get $10 or search on ebay cause most of the old 1 r wrecked