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  1. All original and correct, all well looked after
  2. Why the god dam hostility to my question, i was not having a go at the system or the site, simply asking a question
  3. ok so i have not been on here for ages,and have a couple dozen things to sell or so, and seems the "for sale" section is now closed, and to sell you use the "classifieds" questions is if i have a couple of dozen items to sell, do i now have to make a specific add for each item, under the appropriate category,rather than one add with multiple items in it.(i assume so) Also from what i can see it doesnt seem to be to popular, note the following: BB category = no adds chains category - no adds forks category = no adds freewheels category= no adds pegs = no adds race plates = no adds seat posts = no adds seats = no adds tyres categories = no adds yet in the older "for sale section there were nearly all of these items for sale, is it just me or am i missing something
  4. 9/16 original old school MKS pedals NOS before being installed on show bike , never ridden on $165 skyway padset perfect show quality $165 call dibs and PM me for DD or PP
  5. I am pretty much out of the hobby now, as i have all the bikes i ever wanted, but here are a few spare things laying around i dont need............ NOS before show bike install haro 1B numberplate original 80's only been on show bike perfect $245 NOS original kashi seat perfect condition with allen key guts $265 stamped 83 and another stamped 85 NOS blue skyway brake pads $135 tioga bear trap headset show bike install only $35 NOS before install polished tange headlock $55 chrome brake bolt spacers for frames with flat brake bridge $45 NOS red diacompe mx1000 rear caliper and red DX lever with cable $225 or claiper by itself $195 silver izumi chain $25 blue seat post clamp not DC $15 polished 1/2" suntour xc pedal spindles and all bearings cones and nuts $45 Gt performer handlebar decal original NOS $25 NOS diacompe brake pads $25 original skyway sticker $15 call dibs and PM me for PP or DD
  6. Like this all weekend up at cradle mountain
  7. Yeah frames were identical between teams and non teams, its only the components that make it a team anyway (superlaces,power series cranks and pedals (474's instead of hysing ta's as on non team.) teams also have "team model" sticker on top tube near headset. yep not dissin it,looks like its the OG powder on it too
  8. yep my fav freestyler too,oh maybe tied with the 88 haro team master. i have a few of them now. BTW that blue one isnt a team model, team models had powerseries cranks, and usually superlaces, atho you could chose tuffs at the time of ordering if you wanted, but most teams came with superlaces. cool bikes
  9. took my rider for a cruise on the bike track last night, with a detour to the nearby bmx track
  10. saw this walking up to my car the other night....classic doesnt have a car, still takes up a car spot