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  1. Up and AT them Bloodhound Gang or Weezer
  2. That looks 80s authentic Well done mate ,I'm kinda partial to a pool photo too
  3. The word All was inclusive of myself I am no saint The song was perfect reflection of ALL parties What a shame you feel the need to turn it into an opportunity Whilst you and 4-5 others continue this vitriol we will never move forward
  4. Here's an Ace all of us can keep
  5. 400 pages Impressive
  6. We need a LIKE button. Well said mate
  7. Party 1. Sold Stem to Part 2 as known fakes or so he claims. Party 2. Party 2 sold them to Party 3 as NOS or original 80s stock People can say the buyer needs to do their research, well these stems were sold before this racket was exposed. This is the excuse provided by Party 1 .He claims he's an innocent victim of a smear campaign The bottom line is Party 1 made an item to exacting 80s stock with sole reason of profiteering from an item they were not authorised to make.
  8. Its Alleged the guy who commissioned these to be made has stated that he informed all buyers that these were fake,however he will not name the buyers who have in turn misrepresented the Fake stems...The blame in my opinion is with the person who commissioned the stems and didnt put a MAJOR variation AND serial Mark (YEAR) on these stems..They were deliberately made to be a near exact replica END OF STORY
  9. More fake stems What is it you would like to know Allan
  10. Sweet stuff I dig the green machine a lot
  11. Where's Punxsutawney Phil when you need him