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  1. Dibs XL Pm sent
  2. Repo Hutch stuff and pretty much all the repo crap from Profile,dia compe etc has gradually been ruining the hobby in my opinion
  3. No longer for sale
  4. No longer for sals
  5. No longer for sale
  6. No longer for sale
  7. No longer forsale
  8. Dibs can u pm me payment details thanks
  9. Suzue hubs sold
  10. PM sent
  11. All hub sets are 36 hole 1-Scwinn h/f made by Sunshine Need axle conversion $60 posted 2- Normandy stamped 78/77 $50 posted 3- SR stamped 87. $40. posted Need axle conversion 4- Suzue $80 posted
  12. All prices posted Silver Shimano SX lever Right side as new $45 Gold SX lever Right side as new $45 Gold Tange headlock but no washer as new $35
  13. All prices include post Black has a mark on one corner looks like paint and small tare on bottom of rail but overall pretty good condition $55 Blue has tare on one corner and undersides $40
  14. $10 off all chainrings gold sugino sold
  15. Now $90 posted