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  1. any 4 wheel drive chassis can be a drifter, just put hard plastic drift tyres on your wheels or put drift wheels and tyres on it
  2. Heres my latest frankendrift creation,it's an fj 40 cruiser slammed in da weeds and sits on a ta05 vdf 2 drift chassis,I built this to be different and to be on the lighter side of rc drift,let me tell you when you see an old land cruiser putting out some drift action it not only looks awesome but its a crack up
  3. just looked on and saw these smoke generators that burn a small amount of oil and are dialed into the throttle of your rc car,so as you drift it looks like the tyres are smoking ....pretty cool
  4. did you play the flute at band camp
  5. I am currently restoring a pearl export 5 piece,which is Smokey Chrome,kinda like a gun metal grey,pearl 're-released the same kit this year,with different badges,lucky for me cause I need to re-wrap my kit and I managed to get the wrap from pearl cause no one else does it,talk about friggen lucky,worked out well for me
  6. I think he meant peaks,heaps of twin peaks with a map of Tassie below
  7. I know someone that found a whole heap of blank paper licences in one of the big outside bins at fivedock motor registry.....happy days...unlimited points:-)
  8. that's a nice set up,I have that rx7 shell,still new in the packet,I want to do a custom paint on it soon,Its made by hpi(hobby parts international),hip has heaps of good shells,buy them for 50 dollars,clear shell with masking for Windows and decals,the out side of the shell has plastic film On the outside which you peel off after you paint the inside
  9. if you go to the website he has all the shells,led lighting kits and dress up kits On there,there are two sizes,the 1/10 m bodies are slightly smaller,I don't bother with them because they don't fit my chassis,they fit chassis that are usually front wheel drive chassis only,pity cause there are some good ones
  10. ok Hulk,just need to know a bit about what you want out of it.basically, there are 5 main categories in r/c at the moment.You have drift,track racing like touring cars,Off road buggies and trucks,rock crawling and semi trucks and trailers.once you choose one of these categories I can advise you on how to get into it.Jump on you tube and watch a few vids on each category,just type rc in front of each category,example rc Rock Crawling or rc drifting and have a look,they have off-road utes now with motors the size of a decent whipper snipper ,they cost around $1100 to $1500.see what appeals to you and then you can decide what chassis,nitro or electric,and what scale you like,personally I wouldn't go smaller than 1/10
  11. Milk came in glass bottles with cream at the top The cops were a lot more understanding back then. Paper licence no photo
  12. Good on Your bro,Joel would have been awesome to work with,my wife is a huge fan of the voice so I watched most of the shows,got a mate who is good friends with Warren trout who was the drummer for the voice band,great show,I have always wanted to play On a show like that.I always get compliments on my playing,I like to keep it simple but solid as a rock,the metronome was my best friend for yeard, it has paid off.
  13. Just hit up Mr Google,type in abc rx3 shell and you should find one,people tend to overcharge because they think they are rare,its just that no one keeps them in stock,that's why I go direct,that's all the hobby shop does
  14. ABC hobby used to do two rx3 shells,now they both kits rolled into one,its the rx3 12 a Savannah,pricey but in my opinion nobody makes a better shell kit,it comes in a box,not a plastic bag and you get a racing flare kit which can be optionally fitted as well as light buckets,rear spoilers and a decent decal kit.They are hard to find but I managed to buy 3 of my shells direct from ABC in Japan,the guys name is Suda,I have to go back through my email to find his contact,I want to buy some more shells,the shell I speak of is the black and gold rx3 pic I put up on the first page