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  1. great day Troy,good to see a few maddo s.the Pine Rivers Bmx club is thinking of running a show and swap at their track maybe in June ?.open for some good dates.hoping to run the gates on the track so people can have some fun on their old school bikes.
  2. the forks are tange trx
  3. i,ve got a taipan like the white one of scotts and it's a 79 stamping.an interesting thing to note is on my phrase 3 frame all the welds are very neat tig welds but the stand bracket is either mig or arc welded possibly welded in australia for governent regs?.keep up the madison info
  4. hey dave i saw your frame at robertos after it was finished looks good.i,ve got a black one with the oval down tube (was an original chrome frame) with a stand bracket and serial on the lefthand side gusset.(060045). if roys serial number info is right it makes it a 1983 model (because of the 6).which makes sense that it could be a phrase 3.i,ve also noticed that all my madison frames have a hole or bracket for a stand.but not my 78 model?
  5. bike looks great scott.why did you choose the flight cranks and chain wheel.good to see the mado collection in the background
  6. hey zy490 i,ve got a phrase 111 with the pinched down tube.it's black with gold ano.there's a picture of me riding it in the Max Hartley memorily race.(under past race events)
  7. i would like a single gusset 78 frame.what model taipan frame are you selling?.i've got a 79,81 and 82 taipans.how much for a manual for 79 taipan.
  8. hey scott i'm still looking for a 78 bmx style frame if you have one for sale?.are you selling the manuals.
  9. refer to link for photos http://s1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd434/36raven/sorry not done this before bear with us
  10. i 've got the group photos and some seperate ones that i'll try and post up tomorrow night.
  11. the mxr20 style
  12. still looking for a 78 frame if anyones got one for sale
  13. love your 78 !!.i'm chasing a 78 frame for my mado collection,does anyone have one for sale.
  14. good to see another mado lover