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  1. VDC Changa frame and fork -Mint Monkey Bars - Mint Repo pad set signed by Voris Repo Gorilla dice valve caps T shirt signed by Voris Shipped for $2400 au I am taking a huge loss with this.
  2. Hi I have just bought a Ozzie Supermax and are wanting to buy some decals and may a pad set. Can you help me at all? Thanks Graeme
  3. Sweet you would have to be happy with that
  4. It is great reward.
  5. Bloody good mate!
  6. Nice. Some flashcaps would give the wheels that old school look. A guy in the states makes the to fit the new school tuffs. A bit like the kool caps but in a plain alloy.
  7. You have to love the S& M bikes!! What is the chrome and red one?
  8. WOW!!!!!!! Sweet bikes
  9. Nice but it isnt as good as the real thing.
  10. BUGGER I only just found out about this guy and are to late. I wanted to get some gear especilay some skyway bars made by johnny chopper!!
  11. Cool
  12. Did the profile bike come out in white? I have a chrome one that needs rechromed but are thinking of powder coating to save some $$$.
  13. That is a cool photo. If you sell any please let me know. Thanks
  14. Sweet.. Try the oven cleaner first to strip it off.