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  1. One of the few fat tube supermaxs?.? ,apparently made for team riders,no hard facts from my end,however there were threads on this 6 odd yrs back
  2. Lets see the race inc.....nice goose
  3. Helmet laws stopped so many people riding bikes,this will result in more of the same,stoopid buggers should be held accountable for all the beanbags/obese buggers we have now,like a war crime tribunal for stoopid ideas that affect the rest of us......
  4. Farrrk....
  5. Exactly....nice work Mark
  6. Peski,Chrisso,Eccles would be grouse re_additions but i cant see it.... hope im wrong though,i for one am glad ya back Jammy,Snap toono one should be told they cant be part of the bmx society, can choose who you hang with....fukkc...i get to hang with the celebrity beartrump....and he puts up with me calling him that....and were still mates,Pete?...Pete?.,this place is a mixed mob like any city or town,we got all types ,and variety is the spice of life-or so im told,i dont expect everyone will hit it off,but by far and large we all do thank fugg,on another note...if you reintate the shoutbox i will refrain from being stoopid.... theother guys loved it..., may help in the traffic through here if you can chat like on f,b? Just an idea....
  7. Even you Pete....hehe,now we have D.A Ripper back in his most effective spot,hows bout JMCGT,REVEREND,WOFT,back in the saddle,was a tight ship then ,is Roy taking any roll at all?we need a computer cable to his brain,download it all....couple more i'd love to see but lets start with that.... just an idea...... ahhhhh yeah i know ,i know shuddups
  8. Tempting........ hmmmmmmm, not aluminium enough for ya RD? .
  9. prolly is nos- just doesnt fit the cranks
  10. The threads are the same its the tapered ends that are bigger,the spindle fits these and harry leary turbo cranks,okay now for the fun bit,400s had a sealed factory b,b ,so i reckon they've adapted em,threads match,put a loose ball set up on it,thats whats throwing ya,assuming he is running the correct spindle,or as he says show set up?,may be undersize.?i.e normal 3 piece size
  11. Heya Bretto,hope ya well man,i would move em easy if i vandalised em on a polishing wheel
  12. I first saw em in 1980 Maybe later on that year,but they were on the factory released prosights before chrissy for the xmas rush,i helped assemble em at the shop i rode for ...
  13. dibs rules d/d or p/p grab on 1 style grips- obviously nos $45.00 posted in oz mx lever- show mounted- noice overall i must say old chaps $25.00 to your door in oz dia -compe mx1000 original alloy unpolished-YET- bolt it on and use it very nice original condition- usual peppering on the quick release- $100 posted in oz suntour holeshot 2 speed setup- was on a show bike- nos before that so -fantastic-as new condition- everything there- 16-18th freewheel $160 to your door in oz
  14. dibs rules d/d-p/p NOS Normanby 36hole hubs- mainly used on late 70`s bmx-same time as campys etc- very high quality track hubs-first set have had the axles converted for bmx- are NOS- light polish finish- faultless and spin forever $100.00 posted in oz second set still have the o//g axles- as said-theyre again NOS 36h and spin forever- undamaged-unused $60.00 to your door in oz questions? hit me up
  15. Funky like sly stone man