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  1. The Vortex Raider was my very first build/ bmx restoration. I paid $26 on ebay for it. I picked the bike up the next day.... it was a unloved, forgotten and weathered bmx... But i was stoked! my first bmx to fix and it was all original. I still haven't seen any frames exactly the same so im unsure of the year... A very light weight bike to ride with plenty of room to move. If you have one to show.... post it here! Suparoo's elusive offspring..... Vortex...
  2. Show us your aussie crossrider builds and survivors!
  3. Cool kuwa... Can you show us a photo? Kuwahara kz1s are my faves.... Nice to ride, strong and smooth.... Heres my two...
  4. Hey guys im over near marion.... What aout yourselves? Keep your eyes out guys.... I love my bmx's and I ride my builds everywhere, everyday.... kuwa's and gooses included Still need forks for moma mongoo here... Keepin her original as long as i can!
  5. Thanks everyone. Anyone from radelaide amongst you few?
  6. Howdy all, Im a newbie to join in here online and also new to get into the bmx scene. So like most we start as hermit collectors/ hoarders...(awsome isn't it?) im keen to meet other bmx'rs, ive never been to a swap/ meet or bmx show but i cant bloodey wait! All my complete bikes are my daily ride, except my Hutch Junior. I ride mostly my 1981 Kuwahara KZ1( its a KZ1 or its nothing!), 1979 Mongoose motomag (original paint n' decals), 1996 Mongoose Villian (my second build) and just about anything i put together for fun and kicks! Adelaide bmx fiends lets make a meeting spot or something similar for the weekends...? I wanna see some chrome! Lets go for a ride now! My KZ1 and me! 1996 Mongoose Villian