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  1. All gone, close the thread please.
  2. Any straight bar in blue?
  3. Yeah, are you interested in one, both, or all?
  4. Cheers Brickos1, yes I had a search to see if there we any solutions. These ones have the bottom reinforcing ring but are flaring at the top. I wondered if a JB Weld type product might help, but looks to me like those head tubes are thin and will just keep deforming
  5. Gday OZ, Is any one interested in these before they go to scrap? yellow is a maxi, has some flaring to top of head tube black is a spray bombed sting, also has flaring to head tube and slight twist in frame The Bumble Bee Superstar is a bonus, including the stuck seat post. Collect from Newcastle
  6. Bike Week breaky in Newy this morning. Lambton Park. The young bloke and I flew the Old School flag.
  7. Speedwell Sting Mk1, my first go
  8. Did anyone catch Ryan Williams recent efforts...
  9. Welcome! Pretty sure I've got red devil in the back of the shed. Will dig out for some pics on the weekend if your still looking
  10. I did the same recently, digging through an old box of keepsakes, found and old sunglasses case, thought I remember those, opened the case, no sunnies, but $400 in cash, obviously stored for a rainy day a long time ago. Took the wife and kids out for dinner, happy days!
  11. Thanks John Still searching/hoping......
  12. G'day all, Picked myself up a Sting Crmo frame a little while ago. As you know Speedwell and Malvern Star serials are almost impossible to date, but these Tange TRX forks (from the same frame) were sold separately. I'm wondering if anyone here on OZ bought the forks and would be happy to PM me the date code so that I can presume the frame is of similar vintage. Thanks for any help.
  13. Looking forward to seeing it come together. I had my eye on that swap, just didn't have anything to swap.
  14. PM sent
  15. Awesome.