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  1. That Leary is stunning and a deserving winner but id rather ride the JMC. Great builds fellas.
  2. How dare you say that!
  3. It's got me stuffed wondering who else made these as I've only ever seen them as Ukais.
  4. I'll trade you my PL24. Your pedals and $4.5k
  5. They look like they'll spin all day like a gyros machine
  6. That's nice and rude of you newguywiththelongestnameever. What would you price it at with your vast knowledge of old school BMX pricing?
  7. Could do with another set of Redline pads. Nice pickup, Allan
  8. They're Oakley 2 not B2. Just saying
  9. DX is a winner by a long shot. Toughest, timeless and the one that transfers more power than any other
  10. I don't care what colour you make these, I'm still going to do skidz! Lots and lots of skidz! That many skidz that I'm going to have to put undies on my bikes.
  11. Nrl

    Thanks Apollo, killed them with no remorse. Loved every bit of it. What the hell's going on with you guys? Early days though. The best part of the weekend again was seeing Soward's face. Lol! Broncos/Cowboys was a cracker.
  12. Black Mass. Pretty good.
  13. Nrl

    Got to hand to the Dragons. Bunch of no names and played some hard ball. I want to see what happens Friday with the both of us coming off losses, Beryl. Get the stretchers ready, I reckon.
  14. Nrl

    Fukn A, Brett! Definitely put us on the back foot. Tough game, mate. Hope they all pull up ok as its a long season. You guys shut down all of our major players. We both played hard but you just played so much better. Semi was magic.