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  1. Happy day today just took out best freestyler. Many thanks to sponsors and organisers for putting on a great day and show.
  2. Good to see everyone today. Plenty of bling around. Heaps of highlights, NIGZ did well with the balancing of his redline in his mouth. And not forgetting when the yacht hit the dock I thought that was hilarious. Hats off to the street performer for involving the boys and girls in his act. Overall good to see so many riders today. Can't wait for Peats photos. See ya on the next one.
  3. Wow great pics Frazza, this bloody bike has caused world wide dramas. Everyone wants one. I'm stoked for you bro . I'll takes heaps of pics and post the day I pic it up.
  4. Good news finally today, after missing out on the 20inch . Good friend ALAN aka Garb got in touch with the Bmx Gods and aligned up all the planets to find me a 24inch. Im very lucky so I feel very happy today. Massive thanks to Garb. Bmx community rocks.
  5. Nice work Justin. Bike looks crazy with neon.👀😇
  6. Dibs sakae ms 423 stem polished $65 . Thanks Pm on its way
  7. I'm in, coming down for a ride . maybe the little bloke will come too. Be there!!
  8. All paid . Cheers mate thanks.
  9. Dibs black porkchop 44t chainring. Cheers mate PM sent.
  10. Dibs 317 thanks. Cheers mate. Pm sent.
  11. Awesome day congrats to Brett and Craig for bringing home the chocolates. I had a good day catching up with all of you . Nice work Peat.
  12. Super Job mate.
  13. Wow very nice Hox top build that one. Also lovin Peats Centurion . Hats off to all of you.
  14. Nice work Bmxxxxx, those pics really make the day. Awesome work Peat. Hello to you all will catch up soon.
  15. Work of art mate, you should be proud of that build.