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  1. Totally agree....the colour scheme is awesome!!
  2. Hello OzBMX land. Been meaning to join up for ages and finally taken the plunge. My wife thinks i am quite mad doing up old pushies but thats cause she just doesn't understand. I am a 38 year young guy from Woodford Qld I grew up in the height of freestyle in the mid to late eighties so my passion lies in the Dyno's, GT's, Diamond Backs and Haro's of that era like the bashguard sports etc. I currently have two bikes on the go. A Haro Master copy (84 lookalike) and a Diamond Back tailwhip both of which i found in a pile of scap steel at my local dump....SCORE!!! But my holy grail (please don't laugh at me) is a Peregrine Expert. It was a christmas present from my folks back in 88. It was the black one with the silver flecks over the top. They decked it out with white Skyways and a set of Odyssey Flying Wedges to top it off! Bottom of the range freestyler but i regret to this day selling it after i got into high school and discovered girls and mountain bikes. Anyway hope to chat with some local dudes and sell/swap/buy parts and trade tips etc. Cheers Stu
  3. Can anyone tell me the sizes of the bearings used in an ACS Pro Rotor? I got one off ebay all complete except the bearings so i need the sizes of both the needle bearing and the ball bearing so i can buy some to complete it. Thanks in advance
  4. I would love to know where you got that Bully from. Absolute heap of sh!t back in the day BUT how damn sexy are they......i so want one!!!