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  1. Nice survivor. GLWS
  2. that's why i can't find a MCS stem, because you have them all Red!! haha @reddevil
  3. how did i miss this. finally its coming back to life. keep up the good work, it's looking good.
  4. Thanks gents. I ran the fat skinny comp II / snakebelly combo for bmxpo. Now that's done and dusted ill put some repro 1.5 or 1.75 tyres as my son will ride this bike.
  5. bloody beautiful!
  6. ohh shit, some wicked builds already.
  7. The Floval is now complete and ready for BMXPO. I'm super happy with the result. You will all have to wait till Sunday 11th to see it at the show.
  8. Finished yet? I'm hanging for this one.
  9. Looking good Alan, but i think you need to invest in a bike stand also haha
  10. yes Brickos a original signed Stu card also comes with the bike well mine did anyway.
  11. i thought about storing the tyres and putting some thick slicks also, but i bought the bike for a rider so thats what it will be!
  12. i got mine from my local dealer here in Sydney. i have lucky number 100!! rides like a dream. just need to break in those squeaky brakes.