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  1. I have a set on a 82 hotfoot.
  2. Hey mate do you still have these?
  3. Hop up to lipo's you'll never go back
  4. No probs mate....
  5. 2002 Mr lucky ....
  6. You'll need a bottle of scotch, season 1 of Macgyver and a tooth pick.....
  7. For sale for the right price
  8. Hey mate as stated they are off a 88 db woody itson however the tape must have been added after. Mine don't have the tape and I've had it since new.
  9. . Thanks dragster but its my stroller collection lol... Ill be looking out for any rides in newy and do you know if there are any swap meets around?
  10. theres the pic shes complete needs alittle work the grips are like hubba bubba lol..
  11. Just a big hello to all the members out there and I feel like a kid again. As my boys have started riding bikes so the old diamondback freestyle came back with me last Christmas and the decision is on the balance as to keep it a survivor or full resto what to do? Looking forward seeing some bikes from the the 80"s and what you guys and girls have done.......
  12. Hey mate that diamondback wouldn't be a 88 woody strike zone by any chance?