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  1. Wack down a dibs just for fun Steve Rado.
  2. Sold thanks
  3. Year would be 80-81 and TT 17.5~18" cherrs
  4. For sale hutch junior racer frame and forks(same forks as expert and pro) pre serial. Really nice original chrome and decals $525 posted dibs and pm cheers
  5. RIP Ben. You were always a good guy to me mate.
  6. Gone, lock it thanks
  7. ok, if anyone is interested please PM me first. Thanks Frame and forks for sale 1350 posted But please pm me frst as it is also for sale on another page. thnaks
  8. Yeah mate, has rat traps
  9. How's about a bump up one spot and a price drop to 2800
  10. How's about a bump up one spot and a price drop to 2800 cherrs
  11. Last weekend down at Botany Bay. Captain cook bridge
  12. BMX BIKE FOR SALE. $3000 Price is posted east coast. West coast let's talk about it first. $3000 ... Quicksilver frame 12/80 original chrome that's 9/10, drops are mad, no dings. Repop stickers. Tange tx500 forks. These were nos before mount. Factory blue doesn't come up often. Nitto mx2 stem og blue Alps alloy bars og blue Winners Circle grips OG made in the USA. Tange beartrap headset Tange stamped BB Takagi MX opc Quicksilver bar and stem pad(can't prove they're real but not the crap ones) Yellow blank frame pad. Chen shin knobby tyres repop Marylyn Aussie made z rims, have been soda blasted. Suntour hf hubs were fresh out of the packets. ACS claw freewheel Dia Compe pre bent lever and Dia Compe 890 caliper. Black Izumi chain. Kashimax MX seat and SS seat post. Addicks 43t chainring, nos Addicks bolt kit. Addicks spider. Addicks seatclamp. All parts are nice and original except where stated was nos. Dibs and pm for payment details. Or pm for more details or photos in the sunshine. It's been raining here for a bit. Pick up or meet up in Sydney. I HAVE THIS CROSS POSTED BUT AM FOLLOWING AND ON LINE WAY TO MUCH, pm ME IF INTERESTED OR DIBS STRAIGHT UP
  13. And Jase they should do something that's not available already. If you really want a kuwi 24 they're out there and swap hands on pages, or grab a cycle pro and do a kuwi replica if you like. Same same but different