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  1. Pretty sure I only had the one set. Dia compe 128's.
  2. Was like a kid in a candy shop the day I picked up my stuff. The two candy blue frames right at the far right of your shot Mick were Team gooses. It was a great side by side comparison of Robertos candy blue over nickel verses over his 'chrome powder' base. Both looked great but over the Nickel was brilliant.
  3. Early GT Performer bars would suit the era, were available off the shelf BITD and offered a nice low cross bar for bar hops, surfers etc. I always liked them.
  4. Nice frame set and loving the bright yellow Quite a colourful display in Robertos show room. The white Quady and green Street beat further down the rack are mine
  5. ^^^^ Just me then
  6. Cool - never heard of these. Who else just played Ultramax ST/Haro Master spot the difference?
  7. Congratulations Occy. The kiwi colour hooked me straight away
  8. Sad news. Vale Brisben
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the reproduction decals were made in China. Haro moved production of their bikes to Taiwan in 1984.
  10. Got my order in
  11. Nice one Jason. Perfect rig for Halloween Trick or Treating
  12. Voted - great rides the lot of 'em
  13. No OZBMX on facebook anymore?? Anyone know what's happening there? Maybe I just don't know how to properly use facebook