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  1. Yep, good to have Oz back ,, but sad in such a neutered form
  2. Long time no reply, so a very belated thank you for your reply Motomag . Think I was asking for these tyres at the time Oz went into hibernation. In the mean time I did nab a set of nice yellow IRC knobbies from the US.
  3. Hey Oz, I'm looking for a yellow set of tyres - 2 x fats or fat/skinny compo. Small block knobby (comp II, IRC) style or snakebellies. Don't need to be ride-able but able to hold air is a must. Here's hoping
  4. Cool
  5. Very nice, and you have many desirable frame sets on the bay too.
  6. That's where the crowd is ...... unfortunately
  7. Now there's something you don't see everyday. Could make a nice cruiser.
  8. Please mark as closed Admin. Sorry, can't figure out how to report the post like in the olden days .
  9. Hey Oz, Gunna try this here first before facey or evil bay. OZ exclusive . $180 pick up or $200 posted (east coast), maybe more posted elsewhere. This stem has been annoed by Benny some years ago so it has been pulled apart. Prior to anodizing it was unused and pink. Has been display mounted only. On close inspection it has a tiny hair like (5-7mm long) scratch on the front lower section - just noticed it taking pics.
  10. I changed to a new set of lock on grips yesterday (on my MTB), the hole job took less then 2 mins. Didn't even raise a sweat on a muggy QLD afternoon. Best thing since Netflix.
  11. Thanks for the confirmation dcbmx1. This mystery VK serial created a bit of interest but no answers on the OS-DB page. Think I've of got a bit of explaining to do, oops .
  12. Yeah, look likes VK to me too. I've thrown the info in front of the DB brains trust. This is certainly something you don't see every day .
  13. Ooh that's cool. Early pre baseball Koizumi frame set most likely. The VM serials are believed to be the early 1979 models. Does this start with VK?? If it does that's a new one to me and I like to borrow the image to ask some DB gurus opinions.