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    Probably in the garage or at sunday ians,facebook is a life sucker.

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  1. Got some green nos ogk’s.
  2. Damn nice survivor there Jase.
  3. No post aye.
  4. Dibs.
  5. Priced well for frame and fork.
  6. Sorry mate completely forgot about my rude offer, may have located a pair of nos caps.
  7. The sugino caps posted to Qld for $30 a bit too cheeky.
  8. Absolutely Stunning
  9. Ooh look Rick,they'd be haro material.
  10. Nice wheel set and asking price is on the money. If only they were red.
  11. Stash them away Steve,you'll use them on something.
  12. Nice bit of kit the early skyway framesets,hope you do a build thread when you put it together.
  13. Complete set up like that,price is on the money. You know when you sell all this gear your going to come across a frame that will need all of it.
  14. Dang,top shelf goodies there.