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    Probably in the garage or at sunday ians,facebook is a life sucker.

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  1. On the juice again Rick,got a couple if weeks to catch up on,hope yous are high and dry.
  2. Having a few and talking shit with Sunday Ian at the corporate headquarters of Raw24 industries.
  3. Phallic shaped cactus at Sunday Ian's,no idea how he got it to grow that way,don't really need to know.
  4. Finally attracted the the attention of the local law enforcement I see,missed opportunity there guys,could have got a pic for the babes on bikes thread. What's with Mick & Rod with the matching outfits.
  5. Jesus,bend over this is gonna hurt. Serious crime, riding around in your neck of the woods.
  6. Most likely the same as most businesses that are involved in the reproduction of parts and such these days, they just get them made in china a price of their liking for resale and profit purposes. Maybe I'm way off,but it does seem odd to have that type of script on them for factory repro's,or maybe its just the paper. You'd be pissed if it was actually on the sticker on the bike.
  7. The CEO of Raw24,Mr Bin Drinkin come up with this gem.
  8. Fck the footy,Raw24 Dragstar.
  9. Icy cold Boags on the menu.
  10. Designing is progressing well at this stage.
  11. Having a couple of nectars at the RAW24 design studio with the CEO.
  12. Be looking good for those that own an ark.
  13. Shitty phone pic's,def not sew up's and are similar in a way to aero's,I just don't recall coming across these before.
  14. Well that clears that up.
  15. What are these Ukai's called,their 20x1.50 the hubs are hi flange joy tech with what looks like A87 stamped on them. Had these for a long time stashed away,not Box or Speedlines.?